Barber Trophy


Presented in 1985 by the members of MORC Station 70, this trophy shall be awarded annually to one MORC and one J-24 skipper who beat the most competitors during the Regular Racing Season. The trophy is to be displayed in the Fishing Bay Yacht Club clubhouse with an appropriate plaque to be presented to the winners. The winners' names and yacht names are to be placed on the trophy for each year.

In 1995, the J-24's failed to maintain status as an Active Fleet and were deleted from consideration for this trophy. In 2000, the J-24's regained Active Fleet status and were reinstated as recipients of this trophy. In 2009, the J-24's were delegated to a Legacy Fleet and MORC was deleted from the Yacht Squadron list of offshore designated fleets, thereby making both ineligible recipients. The J-24's did not maintain Legacy Fleet status and lost this designation in 2010.

Any changes to this deed must have approval of MORC Station 70. If this is not possible, the FBYC Board of Trustees may make any change or reassignment they wish. After discussing changes with former MORC members, the Board approved awarding this trophy as of the 2010 racing season to a PHRF-C skipper, using the same rules for determining the recipient.

    MORC   J-24
1985   Rush - Bob Kates    Nightmare - Brent Halsey, Jr.
1986   Thumper - Donald Landau   The Pearl - Harrison Hubard, Jr.
1987   Rush- Bob Kates   The Pearl - Harrison Hubard Jr.
1988   Short Circuit -William C. Spencer, II   Cheap Floozie David Lee/John Adair
1989   Brat - Roger French   Cheap Floozie David Lee/John Adair
1990   Short Circuit -William C. Spencer, II   Raider - David B. Train
1991   Rocky II - Donald Landau   Satisfaction - Will Crump
1992   Brat - Roger French   Basic Transportation -John Hawksworth
1993   Resurrection - William C. Spencer, II   Not Awarded
1994   Morningtide - R. Russell Collins   Not Awarded
1995   Insatiable - Michael W. Karn   Not Awarded
1996   Titillation - Paul Anderson   Not Awarded
1997   Titialation - Paul Anderson   Not Awarded
1998   Flexible Flyer - F. Case Whittemore   Not Awarded
1999   Insatiable - Michael W. Karn   Not Awarded
2000   Insatiable - Michael W. Karn   Kobyashi Maru -Clark Dennison/Chris Clough
2001   Insatiable - Michael W. Karn   Kobyashi Maru -Clark Dennison/Chris Clough
2002   Patriot F. Case Whittemore   Kobyashi Maru - Clark Dennison/Chris Clough
2003   Insatiable – Michael W. Karn   Thin Ice - Wm. C. Hope, III/Donald M. Landau
2004   Cefalu – Blackwell Nottingham   Thin Ice – William C. Hope, III
2005   Insatiable – Michael W. Karn   Mojo - Mark Wensell
2006   Not Awarded   Kobyanshi Maru - Clark Dennison/Scott Collins
2007   Not Awarded   Not Awarded
2008   Not Awarded   Not Awarded
2009   Not Awarded   Not Awarded
2010   D. Bradford Miller
2011   The Prophet Syndicate
2012   The Prophet Syndicate
2013   Paul & Julie Ann Wash
2014   Paul & Julie Ann Wash
2015   Paul & Julie Ann Wash
2016   Paul & Julie Ann Wash


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