Caroline Collins Trophy


The Caroline Collins Trophy was presented to Fishing Bay Yacht Club by Commodore Russ Collins in July 1992. This trophy is to be awarded to the Young Lady who has the highest standing in the Junior Regatta's Laser competition. The selection of the recipient will be made by the Junior Regatta Race Committee. It is the request of the presenter that this trophy always be used to acknowledge outstanding performance by a Young Lady. The class of yacht may be changed by the Board if necessary. In 1998, the Board changed the class to the Byte fleet.

1992   Stephanie Clough
1993    Caroline Garrett
1994   Caroline Garrett
1995   Nan Stikeleather
1996   Nan Stikeleather
1997   Jennifer Celesia
1998   Anna Cobb
1999   Anna Cobb
2000   Meg Roberts
2001   Eliza Strickland
2002   Eliza Strickland
2003   Lina Scott
2004   Madeleine Alderman
2005   Sophie Massie
2006   Cori Radtke
2007   Cori Radtke
2008   Madeleine Alderman
2009   Madeleine Alderman
2010   Kendal Swenson
2011   Erin Jacob
2012   Hannah Steadman
2013   Hannah Steadman
2014   Reese Bragg
2015   Reese Bragg
2016   Baylor Goldwaithe
2017   Charlotte Patterson
2018   Evie Wensell
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