Competition Trophy


Presented in 1982 by former Commodore Beverley L. Crump, this is a perpetual award to recognize the skipper or skippers (who must be members of FBYC) of a yacht or yachts enrolled in the Club Register, who have most successfully represented FBYC in sailboat racing events conducted by other yacht clubs or associations during the past year. Such events may be either one-design or offshore and specifically shall include Chesapeake Bay events, and events with area, regional, national and international competition. This trophy is intended to recognize the unusual and outstanding efforts by FBYC members, the character of the event or events entered, the quality of the competition, the extent of the effort involved for the FBYC member and the participation of all Club members shall be considered as well as the member's performance of such event or events.

By 2015, space for nameplates had run out on the 25 year old plaque.  Bev volunteered to replace it and underwrote the manufacture of a new, larger, and updated plaque with room to display winners’ names for many years to come.  This handsome trophy features scaled half hulls with rigging of an Opti, a Flying Scot, and a J/105.

1981    Hooligan Syndicate
1982   Strother Scott
1983   Charles E. Clough
1984   Strother Scott
1985   Alain Vincey
1986   Carter Hubard
1987   John Wake/Bill Spencer
1988   R. Strother Scott
1989   Michael Miller
1990   Michael Miller
1991   James E. Rogers
1992   John K. Adams
1993   Ryan Jones
1994   All Traveling Juniors: Jennifer Celesia, Caroline Garrett, Parker Garret, Blair, Chris & Will Hamilton, Ryan Jones, Jeffrey Richard, Addison Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Charlie Wardwell, Rob Whittemore
1995   Charlie Wardwell
1996   Perry Jones
1997   Paul Andersen
1998   Robert C. Wardwell
1999   Will Crump
2000   Anthony Kupersmith
2001   F. Case Whittemore
2002   F. Case Whittemore
2003   Lawrence G. Cohen
2004   Paul Andersen
2005   Marie K. Crump
2006   John A. Hubbard
2007   Michael B. Miller
2008   Travis B. Weisleder
2009   Len Guenther Jr.
2010   Travis B. Weisleder, Lud Kimbrough, Rob Whittemore, Benjamin Buhl
2011   Glenn W. Doncaster
2012   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2013   Robert P. Whittemore
2014   Glenn W. Doncaster
2015   Gannon Troutman
2016   Gannon Troutman
2017   Glenn Doncaster
2018   Glenn Doncaster
2019   Andrew Ciszewski
2020   Charles B. Drake III


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