Junior Competition Trophy


Presented in 1996 by Paul W. Howle, III, and L. Brooks Zerkel, Jr., as a perpetual trophy to be awarded annually to the Junior skipper or skippers (who must be members of the Yacht Club) of a yacht or yachts enrolled with the Yacht Club, who have most successfully represented the Yacht Club in sailboat racing events conducted by other yacht clubs or associations during the Regular Racing Season.

The trophy is intended to recognize unusual and outstanding efforts by Yacht Club Junior members, and the character of the event or events entered, the quality of the competition, the extent of the effort involved for the Yacht Club member and the participation of other Yacht Club members shall be considered as well as the member's performance in such event or events.

The selection shall be determined by the Commodore and Junior Activities Chairman. The Commodore may appoint a committee to determine the winner of the trophy.

A majority vote of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club Board of Trustees may alter the provisions of this deed, if in the future it is deemed necessary.

1996    Charlie Wardwell
1997   Chris Hamilton, Charlie Wardwell, Addison Thompson
1998   Anthony Kupersmith
1999   Anthony Kupersmith
2000   Blake Kimbrough
2001   Meg Roberts
2002   Franny Kupersmith
2003   Alex O’Toole
2004   Quentin Jenkins
2005   Austin Powers
2006   Optimist Race Team - Madelain Alderman, Graeme Alderman, Benjamin Buhl, Alex Jacob, Erin Jacob, Austin Powers, Conrad Roos, Eric Roos
2007   Alex Jacob
2008   Kyle Swenson
2009   Kyle Swenson
2010   Austin Powers
2011   Hannah Steadman
2012   Jed Londrey
2013   Alexander Hanna
2014   Boyd Bragg
2015   Benton Amthor
2016   Thomas Sitzmann
2017   Bo Bragg & Aisling Sullivan
2018   Jordon Bendura


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