L. Wood Bedell Trophy


Presented by Mr. L. Wood Bedell in 1969. The Board of Trustees offered this trophy for annual competition in the Sunfish Class. In 1982, following the failure of the Sunfish Class to maintain its status as an active fleet, the Board of Trustees of Fishing Bay Yacht Club changed the award basis and offered this trophy for annual competition in the Junior Program, subject to the following requirements: To be awarded annually to a member of the Junior Sailing Program who has not reached the age of 14 and has placed highest in FBYC races during the Regular Racing Season. The CBYRA one-design high point system will be used to determine the highest finisher.

1970    Brad Cavedo
1971   Marguerite Arledge
1972   Robert E. Moser
1973   Walter B. Cummings
1974   Robert E. Moser
1975   Bradshaw Squires
1976   Joe Gander
1977   Joe Gander
1978   Not Awarded
1979   Not Awarded
1980   Not Awarded
1981   Not Awarded
1982   Ross Hamilton
1983   Marc Orgain
1984   Carter Hubard
1985   Robert Jones
1986   Scott Collins
1987   Carrington Guy
1988   Carrington Guy
1989   Patrick Miller
1990   Patrick Miller
1991   Robert Whittemore
1992   Robert Whittemore
1993   Charlie Wardwell
1994   Blair Hamilton
1995   Jeffrey Richard
1996   Jeffrey Richard
1997   Jeffrey Richard
1998   Mike Crosby
1999   Chris Fehn
2000   Alex O'Toole
2001   Ashton Hudgins
2002   Annie MacKinnon
2003   Annie MacKinnon
2004   William S. Wirt
2005   Alex Jacob
2006   Austin Powers
2007   Austin Powers
2008   Austin Powers
2009   Kendall Swenson
2010   Hannah Steadman & Erin Jacob
2011   Garrett Levy
2012   Garrett Levy
2013   Boyd Bragg
2014   Benton Amthor
2015   Guthrie Braun
2016   Guthrie Braun
2017   Madeline Amthor
2018   Bo Angus


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