Matthew Fontaine Maury Bowl


In 1973, an award was created by gift of the Cruising Class. This gift was made possible by the special generosity of Reid Dunn and Ray Toms. The basis for the award is "outstanding contribution to sailing." The Bowl is to be a perpetual trophy to be awarded annually by the Board of Trustees of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club; however, for any year for which the Board may determine that a suitable award cannot be made, the award shall be withheld. Generally, the award will be made to members of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club for contribution to sailing at Fishing Bay. In exceptional cases, however, the Board shall not be restricted in these respects. The award shall be accompanied by a citation describing the outstanding contribution to sailing on which the award was based.

1973    Patrick A. Gibson
1974   Reid A. Dunn
1975   Ralph C. Lyon
1976   Peter Roughton
1977   Fred L. Williams, Jr.
1978   W. C. B. Roberts
1979   Ian C. Lorimer
1980   Rives A. Potts
1981   Not Awarded
1982   William E. Hoyt, Jr.
1983   Kenzie Hubard & John Hawksworth
1984   Robert D. Kates
1985   Graham Henderson
1986   McDonald Wellford
1987   Alain Vincey
1988   Kenzie Hubard
1989   Wayland Rennie
1990   Frances R. Taylor
1991   Michael W. Karn
1992   J. Steven Thornhill
1993   Not Awarded
1994   David R. Lee
1995   F. Case Whittemore
1996   Raymond Toms
1997   Holly Richard
1998   James & Kenney Cobb
1999   William C. Spencer
2000   Judith G. Buis
2001   Not Awarded
2002   R. Strother Scott, Sr.
2003   Beverley L. Crump & James E. Rogers
2004   R. Strother Scott, Sr.
2005   R. Noel Clinard
2006   David Hazlehurst
2007   Eric R. Powers
2008   Richard A. Bauer Jr. & Lud Kimbrough III
2009   John M. Buhl III
2010   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2011   Not Awarded
2012   David Hinckle
2013   David & Alison Lennarz
2014   Douglas Anderson
2015   Mark & Michelle Hayes
2016   Joseph L. Dennison, Jr.
2017   Not Awarded
2018   Ted Bennett


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