Offshore Division Championship Trophy


Presented in 1980 by former Commodore Brenton S. Halsey as a perpetual award to recognize the skipper of the outstanding Cruising Class (renamed Offshore Division) yacht as determined by an objective standard applied over the Regular Racing Season. The award shall be made to the skipper, who is a member of Fishing Bay Yacht Club, of an enrolled Offshore Division yacht as determined by the CBYRA High Point scoring formula in FBYC sponsored races. Only Offshore events that offer starts in all offshore classes will be used in awarding this trophy.

1980    William C. Spencer, II
1981   Brenton S. Halsey
1982   Strother Scott
1983   Eugene Sydnor, Jr.
1984   John R. Hawksworth
1985   Chip Brierre
1986   Donald Landau
1987   William C. Spencer II
1988   David Lee/John Adair
1989   W. Garret/R. Whittet
1990   William C. Spencer II
1991   R. Strother Scott
1992   R. Strother Scott
1993   William C. Spencer II
1994   James E. Rogers
1995   James E. Rogers
1996   James E. Rogers
1997   James E. Rogers
1998   Michael W. Karn
1999   Michael W. Karn
2000   F. Case Whittemore
2001   Robert M. Whittet, III
2002   F. Case Whittemore
2003   Samuel W. Marshall
2004   T. Leroi Lissenden
2005   David S. Hinckle
2006   Allan M. Heyward Jr.
2007   J. Bradley Davis
2008   Jerry Latell
2009   Allan M. Heyward Jr.
2010   Cyane Crump
2011   J. Samuel Mitchener III
2012   Craig R. Wright
2013   Robert J. and Lisa Fleck
2014   Craig R. Wright
2015   Robert J. and Lisa Fleck
2016   Robert J. and Lisa Fleck
2017   Craig Wright
2018   Craig Wright
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