Potts Southern Bay Challenge Cup

Potts Challenge

Presented in 1971 by Commodore Allen Potts for inter-club match race competition. In 1983, the Board of Trustees of FBYC and former Commodore Allen R. Potts revised the terms and conditions for this match race competition and designated J-24's as the yachts to be used. There is a revised 1985 deed. In 1993, the Board of Trustees designated J-29's as the competition class. In 1995, the Board of Trustees changed the designation procedure to allow the boat class to be determined on an annual basis. In 1998, the Board of Trustees approved a revised format as follows:

  1. The competition for the Potts Southern Bay Challenge Cup will be held during the Fishing Bay Yacht Club's Annual Halsey Regatta.
  2. The competition will be among teams of three boats each representing Fishing Bay Yacht Club (FBYC) and any other yacht club(s) represented by at least three boats participating in the Halsey Regatta.
  3. Each team will include one boat from each of the following spinnaker fleets: PHRF A, PHRF B and MORC. However, at least one month prior to the Halsey Regatta in a given year, the fleet captains of FBYC and the other yacht club(s) that plan to enter teams in competition may decide together to designate different fleets in order to maintain or enhance the quality of competition.
  4. At least two weeks before the Halsey Regatta each year, the fleet captains of FBYC and the other yacht club(s) that plan to enter teams in the competition will exchange lists designating the primary boats representing their respective clubs. Each fleet captain may also designate one alternate boat for each fleet. If a primary boat has to withdraw from the Halsey Regatta because of damage or other reason that is beyond the control of the boat's owner, the score for the whole regatta of the applicable club's alternate boat in the same fleet as the boat that withdrew will be substituted for the score of the boat that withdrew. Also, the fleet captains will work together to ensure that the designated primary and alternate boats in each fleet have handicaps with a spread of not more than 30 sec/mile.
  5. The owner of each boat in the competition will be the primary helmsman of that boat during the competition and will have been a member in good standing of the club he or she is representing since April 1 of the year of the competition.
  6. The Potts Southern Bay Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the team of boats that has the lowest total points during the Halsey Regatta.

In 1999, the name of the regatta was changed at the request of the Halsey family from the "Halsey Regatta" to "Stingray Point Light Regatta." In 2000, the name of the regatta was changed to the "Stingray Point Regatta."

1971    Adversaire FBYC
1972   Fat Chance HYC
1973   Fat Chance HYC
1974   HYC
1975   Tom Hunnicut HYC
1976   Bill Cofer HYC
1977   James E. Rogers FBYC
1978   Dan Winters HYC
1979   Not Awarded
1980   Warren Hunnicutt HYC
1981   Not Awarded
1982   FBYC by Default
1983   Dan Winters HYC
1984   Norfolk Naval S.A.
1985   Norfolk Naval S.A.
1986   Not Awarded
1987   Not Awarded
1988   Eddie Williams HYC
1989   Eddie Williams HYC
1990   Not Awarded
1991   Not Awarded
1992   Not Awarded
1993   Ben Weeks HYC
1994   Kenny Saylor HYC
1995   Kenny Saylor HYC
1996   Not Awarded
1997   Kenny Saylor HYC
1998   HYC Syndicate
1999   HYC
2000   HYC
2001   HYC
2002   HYC
2003   HYC
2004   HYC
2005   FBYC
2006   FBYC
2007   HYC
2008   FBYC
2009   HYC
2010   HYC
2011   HYC
2012   FBYC
2013   HYC
2014   FBYC
2015   HYC
2016   Not Awarded
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