Club Boat & Adult Sailing Festival Day


Sat, May 22 2021


Event Managers

  • Social Chair: Ruthanna Jenkins

Club Boat & Adult Sailing Festival Day

Saturday, May 22, 2021


Come celebrate our first Annual FBYC Adult & Family Sailing Festival.

This is a combined grand opening for our Adult Sailing School, introduction to our Club Boats, sailing clinic, and a great social with games for kids of all ages. (in accordance with COVID-19 Rules)

We will start the day with a quick explanation of our Adult sailing offerings and our Club Boat program.

You will meet the Sailing School coaches, the stalwarts of our Flying Scot fleet, and fellow festival attendees.

We will then split into two interest groups: 

              1—Racing with Head Coach John Wake (teaching topics requested by the fleet)

              2—Intro to Club Boat and FBYC Day Sailing on Fishing Bay (Families Encouraged)

Both groups will have short dock side briefings with opportunity for questions, before we hit the water.

The Racing group will choose 1 or 2 topics for the day:  Starts, Upwind Speed, Down wind speed, Windward/Leeward Mark rounding, etc.    John is a resident Rock star— “Lucky Dog’s” stern view is etched into many minds.

The Day Sailors will learn use and enjoy our club boats with family and friends.  We will start ashore with rigging, stowing, launch/retrieve overview and general Q&A—then hit the water to enjoy the best day sailing waters on the Chesapeake.

Learn to rig, launch stow, heave to for a snack or watch a dolphin, hit a picnic beach—avoid hitting the dock—you get the picture—skills you will need to have a fun and safe day on the water.  And maybe show off a bit to your friends/kids/grandkids.

You may meet an instructor or another sailor  who could sail with later in the season.

Mary Catherine has prepared games and awards for participants—especially youngsters.

Registration:  Regatta network. 

Schedule of Events:
1000: Start
Lunch/snack: on water (BYO)

1500- 1700 Ruthanna will be providing snacks and drinks as allowed by COVID-19 rules at the time of the event

 Can’t wait to sail with you.

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