logo          74th Annual One Design Regatta - Course D West

Entry List - by SailId

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Saturday, August 10, 2013 9:29:55 AM EDT

Division: Flying Scot (27 boats) (top)

Sail Skipper Club
2870 Jerry Desvernine FBYC
2886 Lud H. Kimbrough FBYC
3015 Adam Sadeg FBYC
3320 Philip H. Webb FBYC
3354 Gene Kendall SBSC
4104 Pete Cookson GRSA
4257 John C. Beery FBYC
4324 Thomas F. O'Connell FBYC
4603 Debbie Cycotte RRYC
4704 Tom Gallagher GRSA
4735 William Angus FBYC
4939 Archer C. Dennison FBYC
5055 Len Guenther FBYC
5073 Jay Buhl FBYC
5164 Dave Batchelor FBYC
5301 Richard T. Peterson RRYC
5310 John Kreidler WCSC
5341 John Wake FBYC
5447 Hal Starke RRYC
5463 Ric Bauer FBYC
5566 Robert Whittemore FBYC
5600 Bruce Koch GRSA
5609 David Neff SBSC
5679 Paul Almany FBYC
5769 Chris MacMurray  
5790 William H. Schwarzschild FBYC
5971 Charles Buckner CSC

Information is provisional and subject to modification

Principal Race Officer: Rick Klein

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