logo          74th Annual One Design Regatta - Course BC

Entry List - by SailId

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Saturday, August 10, 2013 9:49:07 AM EDT

Division: Laser (9 boats) (top)

Sail Skipper Club
148708 Steve Parsons PRSA
157552 Frank Murphy FBYC
159785 Jon Deutsch FBYC
169391 Richard Biggs FBYC
181107 Peter Kossakowski PRSA
184603 Herbert b. Squires FBYC
188102 Michael Toms FBYC
191498 Vincey FBYC
194508 Kevin Cowley PRSA

Division: Laser Radial (10 boats) (top)

Sail Skipper Club
105916 Hannah Steadman FBYC
116764 Jed Londrey  
121998 John Seager WRYC
155322 Catesby Jones WRYC
181113 Keith E. Barron PRSA
194587 Nathaniel Llewellyn FBYC
195919 Eric Roos FBYC
199157 Alexander Hanna FBYC
199159 Graeme Alderman FBYC
200622 Luke Hayes FBYC

Information is provisional and subject to modification

Principal Race Officer: Alex Alvis/David Clark

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