Lin Mccarthy on Monday July 14, 2003 11:53AM

Southern Bay Screwpile Brigade Forming:  So far, 25 southern Bay boats are heading to Maryland for Screwpile.  Here's how we shake out:  So far, the largest platoon comes from Hampton YC (9) and includes Battlewagon/Hanna; 2002 Best Boat Kahuna/Richardson; Scherherazade/Shelhorse; PF Flyer/Preddy; Feather/Briggs; Cyrano/Mosby; Cool Change/Burshell; Sea Star/Eberwine; Mirage/Schaumloffel.   There are 4 Fishing Bay YC boats entered already and they are Corryvreckan/Clark; Wavelength/Whittet; Chilcoot/Alvis; and Blade Runner/Davis. Dahlgren YC has Radio Flyer/Hannick and Pegasus/Kelsey joining the fray from the southern side of the Potomac.  Broad Bay SA (Virginia Beach) sends along Defiant/Derr and Glory Days/Nestor.  Voodoo Chile/Lissenden and Checko/Barfield-Smith come out the Rappahannock from Urbanna YC and Beowulf/Old carries the Portsmouth Boat Club burgee.  The second largest contingent (5) so far is comprised of Tarheels - coming out of North Carolina are Outrageous/Jones; Cash Flow/Hadley; Desperado/Holleman; Upgrade/Gibbons; and Sea-Ya/Silver.  Not a bad turn out and we still got a couple more days to sign up for the action!

SCREWPILE (July 20-22) ENTRY DEADLINE - If you have not already entered, add the late fee as required by the NOR ("After July 9th, 2003 and before July 16,2003").  For form and info check the web site at  www.screwpile.net.  For more info contact event chairman, LG Raley at (301) 862-3100.  Better do it now!!

Chris Duer (J/24, Cavitation) says PlayStation, the maxi-cat, is on the hard at Ocean Marine in Portsmouth.  Still huge and worth the trip to see. (Crawford Parkway area - on the waterfront, beside the Portsmouth N-Telos outdoor concert arena complex.)  Team officials say PlayStation  plans are for her to be back in the water for September tuning up and team practices.

Marblehead-Halifax:  Jim Muldoon's Donnybrook, with the southern Bay's John Dodge serving as captain for the starboard watch, finished 2nd in her Class (B) and 36th overall in the PHRF Division of 66 boats.  Lawrence Cohen's (Gloucester, VA) Dawn Treader, sailing out of Fishing Bay Yacht Club, took 4th in his class and 4 overall in the 15 boat IMS Division. Paul Andersen (Deltaville/FBYC) served as Cohen's navigator.  Donnybrook's electronics read a 47degree water temp Monday - that's a burrrr!

PAX offers DOCKAGE at Screwpile:  Evidently dockage is getting tight at next weekend's (July 20-22 racing) event and Frank Pace, the Marina Manager at the PAX River Naval Air Station is the man to contact if you are in the military, the reserves, retired or civilian service.  Contact Frank at (301) 342-3573. This is another better do it now!!

Things are turning up Ducky for Mobjack Sailor: Yep, that is 2002 CBYRA  Mobjack Class Champion Meg Roberts (daughter of Tom and Elaine Roberts of West Point, Va/FBYC) on the front page of the Local Section of Friday's Daily Press.  Meg, 16, and Tyler Mickley,17, both of West Point High, won the national DuckTape@ contest for creative uses of duct tape.  Meg and Tyler fashioned their prom outfits out of duct tape.  Their sticktoitiviness won each of them a $2,500 college scholarship, and a planned spot on the "Today" TV show.

ALBACORE, HOD, LASER (adult and junior), MOBJACK, MOTH, BUCCANEER, 420 (no spinnakers) and PHRF racers -  Here are updated info numbers for the VIRGINIA GOVERNOR'S CUP (Aug 2-3):  (804) 693-2932 or email Bob Marble at  marble@visi.net  or FAX at (804) 693-9616.      One Design chairman is Rick Klein at (804) 693-5629 and PHRF chairman is George Zahn at (804) 693-5020.  OD race venue is in the Ware River;  PHRF venue is in Mobjack Bay.      For web site and click-ons go to    http://members.tripod.com/~WRYC

Chuck T in a Swoosh?!  Will the with-it sailboat racer's favorite foot gear, Converse Chuck Taylors, sport a swoosh or be renamed "Air Taylor"?  Word is there is a $300+ million offer on the table for Nike to buy out Converse.

For the "stay behinds" who won't make it to Screwpile, remember the one day (Saturday, July 19)  2003 LITTLE BAY CHALLENGE for non-spinnaker, single headsail racing only.  For info, contact Scott Almond by email at  AnejoShot@aol.com

For those who do do Screwpile, remember to hustle home after the regatta to do Langley Yacht Club's Veterans Cup Race (Saturday, July 26) and/or the CCV Not Smith Point Race (Sunday, July 27).  Both are CBYRA sanctioned events and the NSP counts as a CCV High Point qualifying event.  For Vet Cup info, contact Clifford Obara at 865-6659.  For CCV Not Smith Point info, contact John McCarthy at (757) 850-4225.

Aug 2           Little Creek Cup Regatta (St. Jude's Hospital; B. Mellen, 757-362-4819)
Aug 3           CCV 2003 Founders Race (CCV; J. McCarthy, 757-850-4225)
Aug 2-3        Virginia Governor's Cup (Ware River YC;  R.Marble, 804-693-2932)
Aug 4-8        Buccaneer Class North Americans (Ware River YC; R. Marble, 804-693-2932)
Aug 9           Admiral's Cup Regatta (YRYC/SYC; M. Mastracci, 757-872-9564)
Aug 15         Plantation Light Race (HYC; B. Thomas, 757-898-9407)
Aug 15-17    HOD Nationals (www.shorenet/hamptonone/HODNationalsHome2003)
Aug 15-17    MOBJACK Nationals (Warwick Yacht &CC; M. Arnold, (757) 312-0768)
Aug 23          Tom Brady Master's Race (HYC; K. Brady, 757-723-3244)
Aug 30          Labor Day Regatta (NY&CC; B. Wheary, 757-423-2820)
Aug 30-31    Stingray Point Regatta (FBYC; M. Chapman, 804-741-1705
Sep 6            Executive Cup Sailboat Race (CNSF; D. Boykin, 757-890-0093)

Helpful Hint:  Looking for something  for your crew to read as they trundle their [automotive] way up to Solomons?  Write "CONFIDENTIAL" on some copies of the official regatta sailing instruction, then slip them in the back of the van with those tattered copies of your sailing mags and gear catalogues.  The Screwpile NOR and SI are available at the regatta web site -  www.screwpile.net   Good reading for delivery crews too.

The Virginia Governor's Cup (1965-2003) goes to the winner of the OD class with the most qualified starts in the annual regatta.  In recent years Lasers and HOD classes have dominated.  Since 1992 the HOD class has won the Cup 7 times, including sharing it with the Albacores in 2000.  The Laser class has won it the other 4 years.

MURPHY'S LAW:   Those kids that won the duct tape contest - Meg and Tyler - had it wrapped up the whole way.  Racers know duct tape! What group of people has used the silver-gray stuff in more creative ways than us?  We use it everywhere  from patching hull holes to keeping packs of smokes dry and fashioning "Hello, My Name Is" tags at post race parties.  A boat's duct tape inventory ranks just behind its sail inventory which, by the way, can be upgraded with... duct tape!  Living to race, racing to live. /s/ Murphy the Racing Beagle

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