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FBYC  64th Annual One Design Regatta - August 9-10.  This is a traditional stop on the middle peninsula for one-designers.  A number of racers and families make it part of a two weekend  extravaganza following the Virginia Governor's Cup (August 2-3) at Ware River YC.  The event will host 420, 505, ALBACORE, BYTE, HOD, FLYING SCOT, FRONTRUNNER, LASER, LASER RADIAL, MOBJACK, and OPTIMIST classes.  Additional classes may be added. For info contact David Hazlehurst (804) 353-5657 or go to the FBYC  web site at http://www.fbyc.net/Events/2003/08.09.onedesign/ssi.dtml

CCV FOUNDERS' RACE - This Sunday, August 3rd. This is the 6th of the 10 CCV races which qualify for the CCV High Point Championship.  IF you have a CCV Racing Membership, you are automatically entered and your fees are paid; all others must submit entry and fee NO LATER THAN 1300 HOURS, SATURDAY - AUGUST 2nd. Remember, the entry deadline applies to all fleet changes too.  For info contact John McCarthy at (757) 850-4225.

30 Boats Do CCV's NOT SMITH POINT - Woof, Rhumb Line, Cavitation, and Aria get wins.
Some boats were still in route or just returned from Solomons Island, but 30 others took advantage of a rock solid, southwesterly, mid-teens breeze to tackle CCV's middle distance race on the lower Bay.  The NOT Smith Point Race sent the A and B fleets on an 18.2 nm course and the C and Non-Spins 14.6.  RESULTS:  PHRF A: 1. Woof, J105, Skip Amory;  2. Sea Star, J36, Bumps and David Eberwine; 3. Feather, J36, Phil Briggs. PHRF B: 1. Rhumb Line, J30, Bill and Lynn Chandler; 2. Independence, Islander 36, Graham Field; 3. PF Flyer, Pearson Flyer, Larry Preddy.  PHRF C: 1. Cavitation, J24, Chris Duer; 2. Calllinectes, Cal 30-3, Ben Cuker; 3. About Time, Capri 25, Bob Archer.  PHRF Non-Spin: 1. Aria, Tartan 34, Pam Burdett; 2. Pearl, Morgan 24, Wayne Ward; 3. No Problem, Pearson 26, Ed Andrews.  PRO: John McCarthy;   Official Scorer/Signal Boat Skipper: Dick Boykin

Rudy Lotz, Euclid Hanbury, and William Bruce -  Each of these gentlemen has made significant contributions to our sport, one of which was to found the Cruising Club of Virginia (CCV). Rudy Lotz, who recently celebrated his 97th birthday, usually races in the southern Bay with his son Jerry Lotz on Faith, their light yellow Seahorse 34.  Sunday, before, during, or after the CCV Founders Race a "tip of the cap" to Rudy would be entirely appropriate.

We're back from Screwpile and...
WE DID GOOD - REAL GOOD!  SEA STAR and COOL CHANGE WIN SCREWPILE FLEETS.  The following is reported with an unabashed southern Bay bias, i.e. factual and biased.  Of the 28 southern Bay (and beyond in a southerly direction) boats entered in the 2003 Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta, 19 finished at least in the upper half of their fleets.  Bumps and David Eberwine won the PHRF 4 fleet in their J/36 Sea Star with a string of 1-2-1-2-1. Rusty Burshell, Cool Change,  sailing in the J/30 one-design fleet, crushed the other 6 with a finish string of 2-1-2-2-1.  Rusty was the only J/30 that ventured out of the southern Bay to the one-design competition.   Southern Bay boats RESULTS:  PHRF 1 (6 boats):  2nd, Kahuna/Richardson, Chesapeake/HYC; 3rd, Scherherazade/Shelhorse, Virginia Beach/HYC .  PHRF 2 (10 boats):  3rd, Cash Flow/Griffin, Elizabeth City/OBSA;  7th, Savannah/Kennedy, Charlotte/Deltaville. PHRF 3 (12 boats): 2nd, Outrageous/Jones, North Carolina/CORA. PHRF 4 (12 boats): 1st, Sea Star/Eberwine, Suffolk/HYC; 4th, Feather/Briggs, Hampton/HYC; 6th,Voodoo Chile/Lissenden, Richmond/UCYC. PHRF 5 (11 boats): 2nd, Cyrano/Bob Mosby, Virginia Beach/HYC;  5th, Mirage/Schaumloffel, Virginia Beach/HYC;  6th, Chilcoot/Alvis, Midlothian/FBYC.  PHRF 6 (12 boats): 2nd, Battlewagon/Hanna, Seaford/HYC;  6th, Wavelength/Whittet, Richmond/FBYC;  8th, Glory Days/Mike Nestor, Virginia Beach/BBSA. J/105 OD (19 boats): 16th, Blade Runner/Davis, Richmond/FBYC; 19th, Corryvreckan/Clark, FBYC.  J/30 OD (7 boats):1st, Cool Change/Brushell, Hampton/HYC. TRIPP 26 OD (6 boats): 4th, Radio Flyer/Hannick, Dahlgren/DYC.  PHRF 7 (14 boats): 2nd, PF Flyer/ Larry Preddy, Portsmouth/HYC;  4th, Insatiable/Mike Karn, Richmond/FBYC;  6th, Sea-Ya/Frank Silver, Outer Banks NC/CYC;  10th, Desperado/Holleman, Lake Norman NC.  PHRF 8 (13 boats):  2nd, Mystery Machine/Briguglio, Ellicott City/HYC;  4th, Stardancer/Blais, Hampton/HYC. PHRF 9 (13 boats):  4th, Defiant/Derr, Norfolk/BBSA;  7th, Pegasus/Kelsey, Dahlgren/DYC.  PHRF NON-SPIN (16 boats):  3rd, Beowulf/Old, Portsmouth/PBC;  16th, Checko/Barfield-Smith, UCYC.  For additional and/or more detailed info, go to the regatta website at http://www.screwpile.net/results03/

THIS COMING WEEKEND - The 39th Virginia Governor's Cup - August 2 & 3 - hosted by Ware River Yacht Club.  If you sail any of the following, you need to be a this regatta:  Albacore, Hampton One Design, Laser (adult and juniors), Mobjack, Moth, Buccaneer, and 420 (no chutes).  There is a PHRF venue too.  For info contact any of the following:  Blair Farinholt (event chairman) at (804) 693-5020; Rick Klein (one design chairman) at (804) 693-5629; George Zahn (PHRF chairman) at (804) 693-5020; Bob Marble (general info) at (804) 693-2932.

Martin Holland sustained serious injury trying to break up a cat fight and he was not even at the Screwpile Regatta! On vacation and visiting relatives out-of-state, Martin tried to separate two family feline pets and got the worst of the deal.  The aftermath of the bite resulted in a hospital stay, a shortened vacation and, even more awful, the doctor ordered "No sailboat racing."  So, Martin, who  usually crews on Sanford Richardson's Kahuna, had to sit out Screwpile at home.

J24 MATCH RACING - FLEET 71 Championship is set for August 9-10 - BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat).  For info contact Chris Duer at (757) 537-4205 or email chrisduer@yahoo.com   Racing venue will be in Hampton Roads harbor area.  Hampton Yacht Club is co-hosting the event with FLEET 71.  Head-to-head racing a la America's Cup - will be different and should be great!

Speaking of J24's - recently Mike Veraldi and the Quicky bunch, supplemented by the skipper of Rocket J, Bert Johnson, were racing Quicky at the J24 silver anniversary soiree in Newport, RI.  On their way in from the last race, leading the pack of almost 80 J24s to the hoists, they hit a rock.  Or, as Bert describes it, "We HIT a rock!!"   It seems the rock HIT back.  Repairs are underway in Rhode Island.

Kudos to Clark Mabrey who has shepherded at least a couple of race committees through the paperwork and official reviews required to use the Fort Monroe rock groins as sites for finish lines.  Clark passed up racing Sunday to help with finish line work.  His crewmates on Ganar! gave him a special thank you as they crossed - ask Clark about it.  It involved ..., well, just ask Clark - think astrologically.

Virginia H,  Andy and Virginia Armstrong's Soverel 30, is back from her renovation.  She should be on the race course soon.  Look for her sporting a hull paint job, among other repairs/restorations, that includes a new wide blue stripe.

Pete Morrison (he and Jennifer raced Preceptions, Beneteau 30, in Hampton Roads infrequently a couple of years back) had his J/109, Liberty, at Screwpile and took a 5th in the 12 boat PHRF 3 fleet.  Crewing for Pete and Jennifer on Liberty was Hampton Roads sailor-racer, Mike Tate.  Mike used to be a fixture on the bow of his dad's, Roy Tate, Sunrise, Pearson 30, in the local races.

Dick Boykin, captain of Might As Well, a more than frequent participant as RC signal boat in southern Bay races, was ably assisted on the helm this past weekend by his grandson, Scooter Boykin, who brought the big sport fisherman in from the course, with his "Pop" close by.

The Southern Chesapeake Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta, according to event officials, has raised approximately (final count pends) $125,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  For the 3rd year in a row, Carolyn Schmalenberger, manager of Norton's Yacht Sales in Deltaville, won the top fund raiser award - she raised nearly $40K.

The 8th Annual Little Creek Cup, this coming Saturday, August 2nd, is a non-sanctioned charity regatta that benefits the ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Bill Mellen and Mary Moore, sailboat race coordinators, are the folks to contact for additional information;  (757) 362-4819.  Check out the web at   www.littlecreekregatta.org  for details and entry info.

WILLOUGHBY RACERS WIN 2003 LITTLE BAY CHALLENGE: 49  Non-Spinnaker/single headsail race boats met in Norfolk's Little Bay to contest the Little Bay Challenge and gain local bragging rights.  BBSA sponsored WILLOUGHBY RACERS took first place in the team scoring ahead of 2nd place Old Point Comfort Yacht Club and 3rd place Portsmouth Boat Club.  Individual Fleet Winners: Fleet 1 - Jim Williams, Checks in the Mail (WR);  Fleet 2 - Bob Archer, About Time (HYC);  Fleet 3 - Larry Bryant, Crescendo (PBC);  Fleet 4 - Martin Casey, Bow Movement (WR);  Fleet 5 - Jeff Rogers, Halaha (OPCYC).  Clubs  represented at the regatta were BBSA/Willoughby Racers; Old Point Comfort YC; Portsmouth Boat Club; BBSA/Little Creek SA; Norfolk Naval SA; and Hampton YC.

BBSA Richard B. Johnston Memorial Regatta (dinghy) ran Saturday off the ODU Sailing Center:  Keith and Susan Goodwin won the Hampton One designs, Mark Arnold and Matt Frank were first in the Mobjacks, and Jerry and Jean Pattenaude took first in the Shark Catamarans.

The Southern Chesapeake Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta came off weekend before last without a hitch as 60 entries added to the festivities. RESULTS SUMMARY:  PHRF A (8 boats) 1. Voodoo Chile, Leroi Lissenden; 2. Wavelength, Rob Whittet; 3.Chilcoot,Alex Alvis. PHRF B/C (8 boats) 1.Smoke, Dan Smoker; 2. Insatiable, Lori  Moyer; 3.Shenanigan, Miles Booth. PHRF Non-Spin (17 boats) 1.Shinola, Buddy Petzinger; 2.Temptress, Robert & Brenda Delong; 3.Nereid, Eric Powers. CRUISING (26 Boats) 1.Enterprise, Stephen Radcliffe; 2.Free Wind, Lee & Tiffany Fisher; 3.Klimax, Buddy Baker. MULTIHULL (1 boat) Tritium, Dale Krolikowski.

MURPHY'S LAW:   Boy, those container ships are BIG!  Especially when you hear the 5 blasts just as you notice the bow bulb immediately off your transome.  "Is there a problem or, are you just glad to see me?"  That'd make any racing dawg go "Woof!"  Living to race, racing to live. /s/Murphy the Racing Beagle

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