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Scuttlebutt Video of the week - re the Movie WIND

Strother Scott on

From Scuttlebutt

On the fifteenth anniversary of the movie WIND, we were privileged this week to have one of its writers - Kimball Livingston - provide Scuttlebutt with some of the stories from the making of the movie (click here to read). If this film has somehow escaped your attention, we have a 6:11 minute edited clip for you to enjoy.

Probably the all-time favorite high performance one-design

David Hazlehurst on

The April issue of Sailing World devotes 12 pages, and the editorial to the Laser. It's described as a mere 14 feet long, has only four strings to pull, but it's simplicity breeds an addiction that makes it the most popular dinghy in the world.

Over 190,000 have been sold since 1969.

The 12 pages cover the intoduction of "The Weekender" and ends with an article by Dick Tillman, one of the first sailors to write a book on "Laser Sailing". Dick's subject is "The anti-aging antidote" in which he describes the regimen some recent Laser Masters world champions adopted to become first in class. Imagine training every day for a year! And one item in …


Lin Mccarthy on

SBR News You Can Use
And, now there are three...  VELUX 5 OCEANS racer Unai Basurko, 33, crossed the Leg 2 finish line Friday evening and arrived at Waterside around midnight.  That leaves one more arrival prior to the re-start on April 15.  Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, 67, on SAGA INSURANCE,  is expected in a few days.  However, the fifth racer still competing, Graham Dalton, 54, aboard A Southern Man - AGD, in all probability, will not arrive in time for the re-start for the final leg.  He could however, get to Norfolk in time to serve his penalty delay, and perhaps, finish the event …

Sea Safety and Seamanship @ FBYC

George Burke on

Club News
Fishing Bay Yacht Club is pleased to host “Sea Safety and Seamanship: a Primer for Bay and Coastal sailors”:

On April 14, 2007, Fishing Bay Yacht Club will host an all-day instructional course for cruising couples and distance racing sailors titled “Sea safety and Seamanship: a Primer for Bay and Coastal Sailors”. The curriculum will focus on teaching short handed crews how to handle selected challenges routinely encountered at sea as well as the unintended adventures. A panel of regional experts, along with Sheila McCurdy, chairman of the National Faculty for US Sailing and a US Sailing Passage Making Instructor, will guide the audience through a day of didactic sessions and live demonstrations to illustrate these lessons.

Tuition is $35 …

Directions to Crew Traing Social on March 22.

David Hazlehurst on

Offshore Racing
The restaurant is in a strip mall on Ridgefield Pkwy, about 1/2 mile west of Pump Road. Coming from the west the mall is about 3/4 mile east of John Rolfe Parkway. The mall is on the north side of Ridgefield Parkway. The name of the mall is "Glen Eagles" and Shackleford's is to the left of 'Food Lion'. Follow the shops to the left of 'Food Lion' and you should find Shacklefords at the end of the row. The shops bend around a slight corner which is why you can't see the restaurant from Ridgefield Parkway. We look forward to seeing this coming Thursday.

First sail for ‘Explorer’

Strother Scott on

From the Southside Sentinel

“Explorer” made her first sail on February 24 in Jackson Creek with Stefan Auer, her builder, at the helm, and Kaptain Krunch, resplendent in his period costume. The crew also included Paul Garbett, Glen (Popeye) Northrop, and John Crown. With plenty of wind, the shallop sailed like a cup racer. The sail was provided by Jerry Latell of Ullman Sails in Deltaville. Explorer, a replica of John Smith’s shallop, was built at the Deltaville Maritime Museum. The above photo was taken by Raynell Smith from Bob Walker’s chase boat.

Directions to the Gary Jobson event

Sue Willis on

Club News

Hello all,

In preparation for Friday Night's kickoff, I have directions to the University of Richmond below.  Additionally, I have attached a map of the campus.  We will be in the Moot Courtroom, in the Law School which is number 19 on the map. Once you arrive on campus you should see directional signage with the Regatta logo to get you to the building.

Please feel free to forward these direction on to anyone else who may need them. 

From the East:
From I-64 
Head west on I-64. As you approach the city of Richmond, I-64 west merges with I-95 north. Take I-95 north to exit 79 back onto I-64 west. Take Exit 183-A/Glenside Drive …


Lin Mccarthy on

SBR News You Can Use
Wake Up, Sleepyheads!  If you didn't notice, DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME began yesterday. 
VELUX 5 OCEANS Update:  The second finisher on the second leg of this around the world solo event is due to arrive in Norfolk Wednesday, March 14.   Kojiro Shiraishi, Sprit of Yukoh,  should cross the finish line, at Cape Henry, and proceed to a welcome ceremony at Waterside, downtown Norfolk, on Wednesday, IF nothing untoward occurs.  But, this is a sailboat race with very fast boats and a lot of ocean.  For up-to-date arrival time information, you can visit    From there, click on  "Norfolk Stopover" for local updates as they become available.   Join in the …


Lin Mccarthy on

SBR News You Can Use
Gary Jobson will be speaking at the University of Richmond on Friday,  March 16th, 7-9pm.  This is the Kick Off Event for the Southern Chesapeake Leukemia Cup Regatta set for July 6 - 8, 2007.  Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students (Yes, college kids are considered students!)  Fishing Bay Yacht Club is sponsoring Gary's presentation and you may make reservations on line at the FBYC website or call Sue Willis at 800-866-4483 to make "pay at the door" ressies. 
TICK - TOCK:  SPRING AHEAD 1 HOUR THIS COMING SUNDAY (March 11).  DAYLIGHT SAVING (aka SAILING) TIME.  This is good news, even for sleepy-heads.  SBRNYCU  AOT (Arbiter of Time), Jimmie Mock …
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