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Spinsheet Racer Profile of Jon Deutsch

Strother Scott on

Club News

Spinsheet Magazine profiled Jon Deutsch in their racer profile for November:

How does someone from a powerboat family in Chatauqua, NY, get to Deltaville, VA become a racing sailor, and end up organizing and running the Laser Masters Atlantic Coast Championships Regatta . . . for which he is not even eligible?

Ask Jon Deutsch. The affable 30-something year old will tell you of a serendipity trail that led to Laser sailing and Fishing Bay Yacht Club (FBYC). Jon grew up in Chatauqua, but his family moved to Virginia in 1995, when his father took a job in Richmond. "My parents had a power boat in New York and joined Chatauqua Lake Yacht Club (CLYC), maily for the social activities," Jon says. But …

FBYC Juniors Still Rocking in the Fall

Mark Hayes on

Junior Activities

We’ve been busy this fall!  Our kids have flown our colors in junior regattas from New Jersey to Maryland to Georgia, as well as practicing on Fishing Bay.  In our last report in September we covered the USODA Southeastern Championships in Atlanta, Georgia, so we will pick up from there:

After the Southeastern’s, the team travelled with coach David Tunnicliffe to Brant Island Yacht Club, New Jersey, for the Opti ACCs on October 11 and 12.  Conditions could not have contrasted more with the lake conditions they experienced in September in Atlanta.  It was windy, cold and rainy!  The first day the RC postponed for two hours due to high winds.  The racing started …

New Offshore Support Boat - Parker

Mike Chesser on

Club News

On your next visit to the club please take a few minutes to check out the newest addition to our support boat fleet.  After an extensive search, the Club just recently acquired a used, but "like new",  2006 Parker 2320XL to provide us a more weatherly Offshore support boat allowing us to rotate Wildcat to the Fishing Bay side to replace the now retired Seacraft.

While providing excellent heavy weather protection, the design of the Parker with its large open aft cockpit and enclosed pilot house (with head) also provides us back-up, or secondary, Signal Boat capability to Mr Roberts, greatly improving our ability to support multi-course regattas such as Annual One Design, Stingray, and others.  It …

1983 SORC documentary video

Strother Scott on

Offshore Racing

I recently ran across an hour long Gary Jobson Video -  documenting the 1983 SORC.  We were there with Albemarle Pippin, racing in what Gary calls the most competitive Class D. The top four boats in Class D, Scarlett O'Hara, Locura, Mea Culpa, and Bright Finish were also the top four in the fleet.   Our crew included FBYC members and friends Evie Scott, Bill Gieg, John Guy, Drew Sinnickson, Chip and Cary Brierre, Dave Dunigan, Bev Crump and Jim Rogers and Kiwis -  Martin Wylie and Claire Anstett. 

At the end of the Circuit we were awarded the Standard Hull Trophy, for the top finish by a …

Laser Masters Atlantic Coast Championship Results

Jon Deutsch on


Over 40 Lasers were at Fishing Bay Yacht Club for the Laser Masters Atlantic Coast Championship where John MacCausland (Cooper River Yacht Club) had all top 3 finishes in 8 races to win his 2nd Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship in 3 years and the overall Masters ACC title.


The weekend started with 12-17 knot wind out of the west and partly cloudy skies, air temp in the mid 70's and water temperature 69 degrees. The first race was a single lap modified windward-leeward where New Jersey natives MacCausland and Mike Hecky (Riverton Yacht Club) started out 1-2. The 2nd race was two laps on the same course in similar conditions and Severn Sailing Association's Jonathan Phillips got …

2014 Offshore Fall Series #3 Results

Jon Deutsch on

Offshore Racing

The Offshore Division began Sunday with an offshore division meeting to discuss program ideas and improvements for the upcoming season.  Lead by division commander Paul Wash a number of constructive ideas were shared.

Out on the water - the day started with overcast skies and winds in the mid-teens which dipped under 10 by the end of the second race.

Here's a few photos taken mostly by John Hubbard while aboard our new Parker which was put into service for the first time today.


PHRF-A (5 boats)

  1. Afterthought - Craig Wright
  2. Nanuq - Glen Doncaster
  3. Double Eagle - Sam Mitchener

PHRF-B (6 boats)

  1. Mad Hatter - Bob Fleck
  2. GOIN' - Dennis Hannick
  3. Shenanigan - Miles Booth

PHRF-NS (5 boats)

  1. Chilcoot - Alex Alvis …

The wider world of sailing

Jon Deutsch on

SBR News You Can Use

A few developments to check out in the wider world of sailing -

VOLVO OCEAN RACE - started last weekend in Spain and will take place over the next many months as they travel around the world.  Check out the new Volvo 65 One Design boats as well as the 7 teams taking part including the first all-female team in a number of years.  The race has great coverage on their website at and also be sure to check out their YouTube channel for some great (and quick!) couple minute highlights.

COMANCHE IS LAUNCHED - Jim Clark has launced a new 100' carbon record-breaking monster of a boat and after only a couple days …

Opti Race Team in New Jersey

Mark Hayes on

Junior Activities

The FBYC Opti Race Team at the USODA Atlantic Coast Championships in Brant Beach, N.J., this rainy Saturday morning.  The team will race Saturday and Sunday.

Website meeting in Russia

Strother Scott on

Club News

Some of you may have seen the name Eugene Morozov mentioned in my website reports from time to time.  The FBYC website was first started in 2001 using Zope, which went out of favor shortly thereafter.  Since about 2005, I have been using a programmer in Russia named Eugene Morozov who is experienced with Zope and actually likes working with it.  He has been our primary programmer for the last 9 years.  He has also been heavily involved with our new initiatives using Django technology. All our contact has been through email and lately texting Skype.  Until last month I had only had 2 verbal conversations over all those years.

In September, 2014, Evie and …

Spinsheet Magazine's Profile of Glen Doncaster

Jon Deutsch on

Offshore Racing


Growing up, Nova Scotia-born Glenn Doncaster had to build his own boat if he wanted to be on the water. “We built homemade dinghies, my brothers and I did, and my grandfather helped us with the mast by taking us to a neighbor farmer’s wood lot where we picked out a tree and cut down our mast,” he says with a chuckle. “That farmer had horses, but no tractor, so I remember that day well.” Mom cut and sewed the sails, and her boys learned to sail in Halifax harbor.

Read the entire profile on Spinsheet

2014 Special Membership Opportunities End Oct. 31!

Keith B Hennessey on

Club News

FINAL CALL – to qualify for FBYC's 2014 Special Membership Opportunities, applications & sponsor’s letters must be submitted to the Membership Chair by the Friday October 31 deadline. 

Applications received after Oct. 31 will be processed in 2015. 

There is still time to partake of our 2014 75th Anniversary offers. Just click the 'how to join' link at the top of our website and the drop down menu will guide you through the process, dues & fees and the membership application.

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