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Fishing Bay Yacht Club Spring Series began yesterday.  They got in two races with Wavelength, Rob Whittet, taking first in PHRF A, followed by Alex Alvis, Chilcoot.  Eight boats raced in the B/C PHRF fleet:  1.La Maga, Allan Heyward; 2.Schiehallion, Brad Miller; 3.Elancer, David Hinckle.  PRO - Brooks Zerkel.    FBYC Spring Series #2 (day) is set for next Sunday, April 29.  For info call  (804) 272-7846.    Brad Miller was one of the first Early Birds to entry Southern Bay Race Week  and will be headed to Hampton Roads for the primo event on June 1-2-3. 
CCV SPRING SERIES OPENS:  A first and a second place finish was the ticket to a 1st overall in each of the 4 PHRF fleets racing yesterday.  The "Green Machine" from Elizabeth City, Lloyd Griffin's Cash Flow, took the line and the corrected top spot  (PHRF A) in the second race of the day.  Powered by a sea breeze that some say reached 11 knots, Cash Flow sprinted around the course, and so did Bad Habit (Bob Archer) in PHRF B, and Quicky (Mike Veraldi) in PHRF C.  Rodney Paice, Wiki Wiki, won the first race, but took second in the second race to claim top non-spin honors for the day.  The first race of the day tended toward drifty and was shortened for the Non-Spin and the B Fleets.   RESULTS:  Daily (combined scores):  PHRF A (10 boats): 1. Cash Flow, Lloyd  Griffin (2-1);  2.Sea Star, David Eberwine (1-3);  3.Cyrano, Bob Mosby (4-2).  PHRF B (11 boats): 1.Bad Habit, Bob Archer (2-1);  2.White Boat, Dave McConaughy (1-3);  3.Wham Bam, Dave Taylor (4-5).  PHRF C (7 boats): 1.Quicky, Mike Veraldi (2-1); 2.Roundabout, Alan Bomar (1-4); 3.Spray, Bumps Eberwine (5-2).  PHRF Non-Spin (4 boats): 1.Wiki Wiki, Rodney Paice (1-2); Margarita, Harry Tenney (3-1). PRO - John McCarthy; Mark Boats- Glenn Giles and Bill Gibbings (Fowler).
CCV Spring Series, Races 3 and 4, next weekend, Sunday, April 29 - same time and place.  For info call (757) 850-4225.   You can still enter - race at the per day rate of $22.  Remaining dates for the Series are 4/29 and 5/6.  Remember, HYC offers a breakfast buffet ($6.50), opens early (7 AM), open to all, saves a trip to Biscuit Doodle, and you can "fuel up" with your crew mates.
Heard in a moment of mark crisis during Race 1 of the CCV Spring Series:  "Topping Lift........Topping Lift.......TOP-PING LIFT!!!"
Velux 5 Oceans Race:  As soon as the weather broke, that's down to almost 20 knots out of the North, race officials got off a noon time start on Wednesday, in Hampton Roads harbor, right after a carrier left,  and a couple of container ships dropped in.   Angus Hines'  (Suffolk) provided the signal boat, Sentry, Hatteras 75,  Morgan Drum  and Tommy Richardson  manned the signal flags, and John McCarthy,  managed the start of Leg 3, Norfolk to Bilbao, Spain, 3,200 miles.  The start took place off the carrier piers and because of the North winds, the racers had to beat out of the harbor.  So, southern Bay racers can now say they have sailed some of the same waters as Sir Robin Knox-Johnson and Bernard Stamm!
RACERS AND THE RULES QUIZ:  When do the racing rules say a boat's engine must be turned off before the race?  (Answer below in this issue)
The beautiful black hull  dawdling about the CCV finish area yesterday was Black Widow, Leo Wardrup's  Irwin 38.  Leo and full crew compliment came over in hopes of making the second race, but had "schedule issues".  Now, really, what can be more important than racing!!    (NOTE:  CCV Spring Series races have a time limit of 4:00pm;  that's to allow for the CCV traditional post-race hotdogs and beer (free) for racers on the flag deck at HYC).
Looking for a ride?  Looking for crew?  Here are two great options for crew and skippers to get together.  1.  Register (free) for SpinSheet Magazine's crew listings at  www.spinsheet.com   2. Attend the SpinSheet Crew Listing Party South, sponsored by SpinSheet and Marker 20, at Marker 20, 21 East Queen's Way, Hampton, Saturday, April 28, 6-8 pm.  Free and open to the sailing public.
There were two components of the Eberwine sailing fleet on the race course yesterday and both sailed their way to the awards platform.  Bumps Eberwine (the dad) sailed his Olson 25, Spray, to third place in PHRF C, while David Eberwine (the son) drove Sea Star, J/36 to second place in PHRF A.
Happy Birthday (yesterday)  to Lloyd Griffin, skipper of Cash Flow and to Betty Boykin, wife of Region 4 Official Scorer, Dick Boykin.  Dick got the scoring of yesterday's CCV racing completed just in time to take his wife of 50 plus years to an extravagant dinner.   This has been a big month for Lloyd too.  In addition to his birthday, he and new bride Heather tied the knot earlier in April.
Best view of Velux 5 Oceans Racers leaving Hampton Roads:  Marci Brown and Keith Carson, as they flew out of Norfolk International Airport headed for San Juan, PR.  They said the view was impressive.  Good timing.
LEARN HOW TO CREW ON A RACING SAILBOAT:         Offered by CCV, $50 plus $10 for books.  MAY 1-2,  MAY 8-9,  MAY 15-16, and  MAY 22-23.  Four consecutive Tuesday (classroom) and Wednesday (on the water on a race boat) sessions.  Both classroom sessions are held at  and on-the-water sessions originate at Hampton Yacht Club, 4707 Victoria Boulevard, Hampton, VA 23669.  Classroom sessions are from 6:30pm - 8:30pm;  on-the-water sessions begin at 5:15pm.  This course runs through the month of May.   For information and to register, contact Dave Taylor at (757) 344-5292. 
LEARN TO RACE YOUR SAILBOAT:   Offered by CCV, $15 per skipper and $10 per crew member (lunch included).  Saturday, May 5, (9:30am - 3:30pm).  BYOB- "Bring Your Own Boat".  You drive your own boat with a volunteer seasoned skipper aboard to guide you and your crew.  Shore-side and on-the-water training takes place at and near Hampton Yacht Club.  For requirements, details, and to register contact Ben Cuker at (757) 727-5884.  Registration deadline = April 30.
York River Yacht Club Wednesday Night Races begin this week on the York!
Answer to RR Quiz Question:  NEVER!   OK, trick question.  The rules say that, when racing, a boat can only be propelled by wind and water.  A boat is racing from her Prep Signal until she finishes or retires.  Ergo, you must be out of gear from your Prep (4 minutes before your start).  However, folks may wonder about that bubbling coming out your exhaust! 
MURPHY'S LAW:   A time limit on racing to accommodate the post-race hotDOGS and beer - now that's having your priorities in perfect order.  /S/  Murphy the Racing Beagle, the sailing spirit in us all.
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