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LOUIS VUITTON CUP taped coverage on the VERSUS NETWORK at 4pm TODAY.
FBYC Spring Series:  Rob Whittet's Wavelength, strengthened his hold on the lead in PHRF A  by finishing  1-1-2  in Sunday's racing at Fishing Bay.   Alan Heyward's La Maga, has a substantial lead in the combined PHRF B/C fleet; he went 1-2-4  in yesterday's racing.   PRO - Brooks Zerkel.
If you intend to have your SBRW-Black Seal Cup Crew Shirts  in time for the event (June 1-3), you need to get your order in not later than May 1, as in TOMORROW!   Go to www.blacksealcup.com   and hurry.
CCV SPRING SERIES:  Races #3 and  #4  of the Series are in the books.  Sea Star (1-2) and White Boat (1-1), Roundabout (3-1), and Wiki Wiki (2-1) topped their respective fleets for the day.   Breezes built from light to mid-teens throughout the day.  The Jamestown ships were ever present in Hampton River and about Hampton Roads, no doubt checking out the natives, just like they did 400 years age.  RESULTS:  PHRF A:  1.Sea Star (2-1), David Eberwine; 2.Cash Flow (1-4), Lloyd Griffin; 3.Cyrano (4-2), Bob Mosby.  PHRF B:  1.White Boat (1-1), Dave McConaughy; 2.Cool Change (2-2), Rusty Burshell; 3.Bad Habit (3-3), Bob Archer/Chris Beahr.  PHRF C:  1.Roundabout (3-1), Alan Bomar; 2.Quicky (2-3), Mike Veraldi; 3.Spray (4-4), Bumps Eberwine.  PHRF Non-Spin: 1.Wiki Wiki (2-1), Rodney Paice; 2.Margarita (1-4), Harry Tenney; 3.Checko (4-2), Don Barfield/Steve Smith.   PRO - John McCarthy; Mark Boats - Glenn Giles and Bill Gibbings.  Official Scorer/Timer - Dick Boykin
CCV Spring Series Races #5 and #6 for the Series are next Sunday, May 6 - same time and place.  For info contact John McCarthy, (757) 850-4225.    Remember,  Racers Sunday Race Day Breakfast Buffet  available in the HYC Lounge ($6.50) - OPEN TO ALL - opens at 0800.
Crewbies are nailing  down a ride for Southern Bay Race Week-Black Seal Cup.   Skippers are nailing down crew.  If you have not done one or the other, better get on it.  The deadline for race entries (to avoid  the $50 late fee) is just around the corner (May 25).  Now is when slips and accommodations need to be locked in.  See the event website for all sorts details and info.  www.blacksealcup.com   
NOOD NOTES:  Southern Bay's Martin Casey and crew sailed Bow Movement  to the trophy platform, bringing home a 3rd place in the 8 boat Catalina 27 one-design fleet.  The Bow Movement  gang saved their best for last, going 4-4-3-2 over the two days of racing.  Light winds prevented any racing on Friday.  Most of the fleets got in at least 4, and some 5, races on Saturday-Sunday.   Worth Harris, Rum at Six,  took 10th among 45  J/105s.   Richard Winters, AJ Piccillo, and Ryan Parker finished 20th among 37 J/22s and Dixon Wilde, sailing a borrowed boat, was 5th in the 6 boat  C&C 99 fleet.  William Hope finished 13th of 16 in the J/24 fleet.  Kim Meadows' roXanne,  was 9th among 13 Melges 32s. 
Champagne toast on the dock for new arrival.   Karl and Senta Petersen's Dehler 39 is snug in her slip in Hampton.  Karl,  members of his Valkryie crew, and friends brought the blue beauty into Hampton Roads mid-day Saturday.  They arrived in Hampton Roads on the heels of the Jamestown fleet replicas.  "How'd you like the fly-over we arranged for you," joked a welcomer.  Merlin will shed her current moniker and become Valkyrie.   She will race in PHRF A and will take particular delight in the southern Bay Distance Races Series.
RACERS AND THE RULES QUIZ:  You feel you fouled a boat on a close PORT/STAR crossing.  There is no contact.  The other boat does not protest.  Can you do penalty turns?  Should you do penalty turns?   (Answer below in this issue)
A southern Bay skipper has stumbled on a theory that he says proved out Sunday.  In an attempt to deal with a problem of performance erosion as the race day wears on, he switched the boat's grog to the "light" version brew.   He swears that the improved finishes Sunday, prove the validity of his scientific study.  The FDA report is yet to be issued.
Bumps Eberwine's Spray, enjoyed an infusion of North Carolina talent for CCV Races #3 and #4.   Bumps' Olson 25 took 3rd for the day in PHRF C.
Three "southern Bay and beyond" skippers and crew are set to represent their area Hospice Regattas in the HOSPICE REGATTAS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, May 11-13, in Annapolis, Maryland.  Mike Veraldi will be going from Hampton Roads, Chuck Monsees from Pamlico River, and Joe Waters from the Rappahannock River area Turkey Shoot Regatta.  Cross up those fingers and toes for our guys!   Pete Wallio, Dave Alexander, and Aaron Wallio already are signed on to go with Chuck.
Anything can happen on the last day of a series, and that may be true of the CCV Spring Series finale, this coming Sunday.  The tightest races are in A Fleet, Sea Star and Cash Flow are separated by 2 points, and in C Fleet, where Quicky and Roundabout have only one point between them.  In the Non-Spin fleet, Wiki Wiki leads Margarita  by 3 and so does White Boat lead Bad Habit by 3 in B Fleet.   With two races on tap a lot of spots could change hands, and not just at the top of the standings.
LEARN HOW TO CREW ON A RACING SAILBOAT:    STARTS TOMORROW!     Offered by CCV, $50 plus $10 for books.  MAY 1-2,  MAY 8-9,  MAY 15-16, and  MAY 22-23.  Four consecutive Tuesday (classroom) and Wednesday (on the water on a race boat) sessions.  Classroom sessions are held at  and on-the-water sessions originate at Hampton Yacht Club, 4707 Victoria Boulevard, Hampton, VA 23669.  Classroom sessions are from 6:30pm - 8:30pm;  on-the-water sessions begin at 5:15pm.  This course runs through the month of May.   For information and to register, contact Dave Taylor at (757) 344-5292. 
LEARN TO RACE YOUR SAILBOAT:   THIS COMING SATURDAY!  Offered by CCV, $15 per skipper and $10 per crew member (lunch included).  Saturday, May 5, (9:30am - 3:30pm).    Bill Peach, renowned southern Bay racer and winner of the Labrot Trophy, will provide classroom instruction.  BYOB - "Bring Your Own Boat".  You drive your own boat with a volunteer seasoned skipper aboard to guide you and your crew.  Shore-side and on-the-water training takes place at and near Hampton Yacht Club.  For requirements, details, and to register contact Ben Cuker at (757) 727-5884.  Registration deadline = April 30., THAT'S TODAY!
May 5           FBYC Spring Series Day 3
May 6           CCV Spring Series Races #5 and #6
May 11-13   Hospice Regatta National Championship (Annapolis)
May 12         FBYC Spring Series Day 4
MAY 13        MOTHER"S DAY
May 19         BBSA Cape Henry Cup
May 19         RRYC Spring Regatta
May 19-20   "Sail the Bay" & Shark Midwinters - BBSA (small boats)
May 26         FBYC Fishing Bay to Urbanna Race
May 26         PBC Merrimac Memorial Regatta  (small boats)
May 27         RRYC/FBYC River Races
May 29         BBSA Little Bay Tuesday Night Races begin (small boats)
June 1         Annapolis to Newport
Answer to RR Quiz Question:  Yes, you can.  Providing there is no contact, Rule 44.1 (Taking a Penalty) says you can exonerate yourself by doing a Two-Turn Penalty.  Yes, you should.  The Basic Principle of Racing specifically says  "A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty or retire."  Take the penalty and get on with your day.  On the other hand, it's only your integrity.
MURPHY'S LAW:  The Jamestown settlers re-enactors were all over the southern Bay this past weekend.  I wonder if the real settlers brought any of my kind with them.  If they did, I bet the first American sailing-racing dog was a beagle.  Just had to be!   /S/  Murphy the Racing Beagle, the sailing spirit in us all.
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