Carrie Russell Account of Racing in Key West

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Carrie Russell was at 2016 Key West Race Week racing on J/111 Wicked and here's her account of the experience:

Key West Race Week, hosted by Storm Trysail Club, took place January 17-22, 2016.  It was a wet and wild week of top class boats competing in four Divisions on the Coke bottle green waters of Key West. With weather conditions described by Commander Weather as "juicy and unstable," it was just that.  Predictions of 8-15 knots fell short; in reality 20+ knot breezes with close, steep chop seas were the norm for the week. Four courses of 130 boats participated.  Hailing ports sounded more like a fast paced trip around the globe than a …

Interested in Learning How to Score a Regatta?

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The club is in need of people who would like to learn how to score using our scoring program JavaScore. One of the most critical members of the race committee is the person who sets up races to be scored, gathers the results electronically, double checks the results for inconsistencies, and posts the results for all to view. This is a different role than the recorders who capture the live finishes, although some people do both. Learning how to score gives you an appreciation for how our sport works and is a very active part of the race committee.
The first step is to get a list of people interested in learning this skill. The second step is to hold training sessions to teach people …

One Design Spring Series

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The final three races of the One Design Spring Series were competed on Sunday July 3rd.  Sunday’s racing was characterized by close racing, wind from around the compass and a different winning boat in nearly every race. On the whole, 8 skippers participated in the Front Runner series and the Flying Scot fleet saw 17 different skippers on the line. It was a fun series with a variety of conditions that challenged the sailors and the race committees. The Front Runner fleet series champion is Matt Braun followed by Mark Stephens and Kevin Cross. In the Flying Scot fleet, Len Guenther won the series followed by John Beery, Noel Clinard and Rob Whittemore. Complete series results are posted at …

2009 Perpetual Trophy Winners

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Congratulations to all of our perpetual trophy winners. Here is a summary and pictures from our Annual Awards dinner November 7th. Photos can be found here.

Matthew Fontaine Maury Bowl
Matthew Fontaine Maury Bowl
– FBYC’s Highest Award: awarded for outstanding contributions to FBYC – John M. Buhl, III

Piankatank Trophy
Piankatank Trophy - awarded to the skipper who most exemplifies the principle that "all is not lost until the boat sinks" – Eric R. Powers

Hubard Trophy
Hubard Trophy - awarded to the outstanding woman sailor of FBYC – Amy L. Miller

Hicks Trophy
Hicks Trophy - awarded to the winner of FBYC's one-design long distance race – William C. Spencer, II

Nott Memorial Trophy
Nott Memorial Trophy - awarded to the Flying Scot finishing the greatest number of FBYC sponsored Flying Scot events during the calendar year – John …

Three FBYC Amigos Place Second in Nantucket

Noel Clinard on

tonitoo.JPG On Saturday, August 25, Noel Clinard seized a last minute opportunity to take the day off from the FBYC Store during the Shallop Rendezvous at FBYC to sail with Mike Massie on his Rhodes 19 "Toni Too" (seen at left in a race earlier this summer) in the last race of the August Series at Nantucket Yacht Club. Mike and Noel were joined by Blake Kimbrough who happened to be coming to Nantucket for an IOD (International One Design) race on Sunday.

As preparation for the race, Mike and Noel swam to the mooring in the cold Nantucket waters. Mike, ever the preparer, had Noel scrub the bottom with an abrasive pad while Mike pumped the bilge and gave encouragement …

Protest Refresher Class at Retreat April 26 6:30 to 9PM

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Dave Pyron, US Sailing Judge and Umpire will provide us with a ‘refresher’ on Protests and the Protest Process. Dave will provide us a discussion on the "how to’s" of handling protests at a regatta - who needs to do what and how you get through the process.

Recommended attendees for this event are: Race Chairs, Racing Skippers, New Racers and Crew.

Seating is limited…please register online for this event to ensure your place. Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM at Retreat Hospital Boardroom (ground floor)

David Pyron is a US Sailing Judge and Umpire and is currently finishing requirements for certification as an International Umpire. He began judging in 1997 and since then has …


Katherine Hubbard on

On Sunday, October 30, three Flying Scots from FBYC and three Scots from RRYC (Rappahannock River Yacht Club) traveled to LOWSC (Lake of The Woods Sailing Club) just west of Fredericksburg, to compete for LOWSC's Fall Invitational Team Racing. FBYC was represented by Noel Clinard &M ike Schmidt, Len & Barbara Guenther, John Hubbard & Debbie Cycotte. All together 9 Scots (3 teams of 3) were involved in a series of races to determine the best team. It was great fun, and involved strategies foreign to typical regatta racing, like doubling back on the race course to block and slow opponents while team mates advanced. Fortunately, no spinnakers were used or things could have gotten hairy quickly! FBYC won …

Power has been restored to FBYC

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Some of you have asked about power, and you should know that as of last Friday, the power was restored to FBYC. Word has it that three large C. W. Wright trucks were in the neighborhood about the time the power was restored.

FYI, our Treasurer, Mason Chapman is the new CFO of C. W. Wright. It is unknown whether our Treasurer is due any credit for getting our power restored!


Allan Heyward on

As promised, we are announcing the revisions to the fall racing schedule as a result of the dispurtions of Hurricane isabel.

Fall Series # 1, originally scheduled for September 28, will not be made up.  Fall Series 2, 3 and 4 will be sailed as scheduled on October 5, 18 and 19.  The format for racing on October 18 may be changed to provide a distance race to Wolf Trap: the final decision on the format for Fall Series 3 on October 18 will be made after racing October 5, and announced Monday October 6.

Fall Series 4 will be sailed as scheduled this Saturday, October 4.  Fall Series 2 and 3 will not be made up, but …

Post Storm Report from NWS

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A couple tidbits from the Wakefield NOAA Storm Report at .

The highest gusts. GWYNNS ISLAND VA (MATHEWS CO.)107 MPH at 0042 9/19 Sustained winds and gusts RICHMOND INTL ARPT 38 73 0013 UTC (KRIC) WINDMILL POINT VIRGINIA RECORDED MAXIMUM WATER LEVELS AROUND 3.5 TO 3.8 FEET MLLW.The Wakefield office of the National Weather Service has posted a preliminary Post Storm Report at . It includes some data from all over about the storm

A couple tidbits, the highest gusts. GWYNNS ISLAND VA (MATHEWS CO.)107 MPH at 0042 9/19

Sustained winds and gusts …

Titillation Wins Halsey Trophy

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Titillation Crew Paul Anderson, sailing his J29 Titillation, won the Stingray Point Regatta Halsey Memorial Trophy on Sunday, August 31. Assisting Paul were crewmembers (shown above from left to right), Diane Reilly, Michelle Garn, Rob Whittemore, Mary Carter, Elizabeth Staas, Morgan Marchant, and Carolyn Grant. The Brent Halsey Memorial Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Stingray Point Regatta.HalseyJrKids Philip Halsey, Ali Halsey, Christian Halsey, and Brent Halsey, III, accompanied by Commodore Dick Cole presented the award to Paul Anderson.

Over 45 boats sailed in this year’s regatta representing 5 classes. Presiding over a packed clubhouse, Mike Karn, with Dick Cole and David Hazlehurst, conducted a festive awards ceremony. First place in the J24 Division went to Will Crump. Christian …

One Design Season Opens

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The club was buzzing with activity Saturday evening after off-shore boats returned from Mosquito Point as One Design sailors rigged their boats for the start of the 2003 season the following day. Most noticeable were the 420 crews rigging four new club boats. Conditions on Sunday were close to ideal, some 10-15 knots out of the NNW. In order of start there were 5 Front Runners, 9 Flying Scots, 3 Lasers and 3 420's, starting with a near perfect line and a windward-leeward course.

Using the Laser class rule of thumb "no triangles unless you have a steady 12 knots" the race committee changed to a "G" course for all but the 420's and ignored mild complaints from …

Congratulations to the traveling contingency of Fishing Bay!

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Case Whittemore, Bob Wardwell and Ron Buchanan traveled to North American Championships in August…

From Rochester, the J/29 Fleet… Fishing Bay’s Case Whittemore placed 2nd in the J/29 North Americans, Bob Wardwell finished 4th.

Top 5 finishers were… 5th Bruce Lockwood’s Tomahawk, 4th Bob Wardwell’s Killshot, 3rd John Lavin’s Dirty Harry, 2nd Case Whittemore’s Patriot and 1st John Esposito’s Hustler.

In the Lighting Fleet… Ron Buchanan and Bob Wardwell traveled to North Cape, Michigan to sail the Lightning North American’s. 116 boats registered for the fierce competition. Bob Wardwell sneaked in to the top flight (North American’s) and Ron Buchanan qualified for the 2nd flight (President’s Cup …

Crew Training Scheduled for late March

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Crew training will begin soon with have classroom sessions on Thursdays , March 22, 29 and April 5 7:00PM - 9:30PM and On Water Sessions: Saturday, March 24, 31 and April 1 9:00AM - 1:00PM. Application available for download under read more 2000 CREW TRAINING


Sponsored by

MORC Station 70 and Fishing Bay Yacht Club


FUN, SUN & SAILING! This program is designed to get more active people involved in the

wonderful sport of sailing. Classroom sessions review basics of sailboats, sailing and racing. On

the water sessions are an opportunity to practice what has been learned in the classroom.

Upon completion of the program, we will assist in placing you (if you wish) as …

2000 Stingray Point Regatta Results

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Attached are the Overall Results for the 2000 Stingray Point Regatta for those of you who may have missed the e-mail of September 3, 2000. Thanks for participating - we'll see you next year when our new Clubhouse will be finished?!?
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