Do you use a Mail Forward?

Strother Scott on Wednesday July 23, 2008 04:04PM

In investigating the Spam problem with our Email Server, we have run across one specific fixable issue as follows:

About 150 people who have registered to use the web site have set up an email forward account with a email address as part of getting a user account. For them, mail which is sent to their email is forwarded to their real email address. The forwarded email includes both real email and spam although most of it is probably spam. Comcast, Gmail and other services receiving this forwarded email from see such a high percentage of spam that they treat all email from as junk. This includes email from our mailing lists, event registration confirmations, and volunteer-related emailings. We would like to stop forwarding spam which means we must eliminate our email forwards. Please let me know if this will cause you any problems.

On this web page is a list of all our email forwards. We suspect that only very few of you, if any, are using the email forward accounts which have been set up. If we remove the email forwards, obviously that email will stop, so please let me know if you want us to keep your email account.

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