Grounds Day 2020 – The Event

Katie Yudkin on Sunday August 2, 2020 08:22PM

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On Saturday July 25th some of the hardiest sailors at Fishing Bay joined together in the 95 degree heat to battle the forces of nature.  Equipped with gloves, pruners, rakes, and shovels, volunteers participated in the first 2020 Grounds Day event.  Around 25 members and non-members alike attacked areas of need across the FBYC campus. 

The day began with a socially distanced welcome by Steve Montgomery, Grounds Chair.  Steve thanked everyone for attending, briefed them on traditional as well as coronavirus safety issues, then laid out a well devised plan of attack.  Each group was able to choose an area with required tasks.  The small groups dispersed to tackle the hillside by Fishing Bay in preparation for junior week, clear the fence line around the opti storage racks, spread fill gravel and mulch, and address several areas around Fannie’s House and the Club House.  Brian and Eric provided capable logistic support throughout the day.  As jobs were finished, the crews relaxed in the shade and were treated to refreshing beverages of their choice as well as a delicious boxed lunch.



At the end of the day, there was a notable difference around the FBYC campus.  The mid-season attention to specific areas helped keep the campus looking its best for the coming late summer and fall events. This event also led to two groups each adopting specific areas to care for going forward under the “Adopt a Spot” program.  If you wish to have more information on this innovative and impactful program please contact Steve.

The first Grounds Day event turned out to be a great success with the volunteers having a very productive and enjoyable afternoon working with friends both new and old.  We are a volunteer club, and it is through our members’ continual support of FBYC that we are able to build and maintain a vibrant and enjoyable sailing venue. Thank you to all of the hard working volunteers who participated in Grounds Day with special thanks to Mary Catherine and Ian McAllister for their support through the YAMS and Steve Montgomery, Grounds Chair, for organizing the work parties to ensure optimal impact.

Katie Yudkin  -  Membership Engagement Chair







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