Laser Training/Clinic Saturday

Jon Deutsch on Tuesday May 23, 2017 07:26PM

This Saturday the Laser Fleet will be conducting a clinic and training day starting at 10am.  Jon Deutsch, Mike Toms and other fleet members will be there to help anyone move people forward in sailing, no matter their skill level. Whether you hope to race or play, this clinic can help make Laser sailing more fun and safer.

The clinic will be started at 10AM and run for a little over 2 hours. 



  • boat rigging - How to put a basic boat together, how to do some of the 'new' rigging, must-have rigging versus the nice-to-have stuff.
  • Safety - how to launch a boat from the beach, how to recover, how to tow a laser, how to right a capsized boat, etc.
  • sail trim - How to trim the sails for various conditions
  • weight placement upwind, downwind, etc
  • Techniques through maneuvers, tacking, jibing, etc


  • A Laser (if you don't have one, we've got some to borrow)
  • Lunch
  • Life Jacket
  • sailing gloves
  • dinghy boots, water shoes, shoes, or sandals
  • clothes you can get wet in
  • wind/waterproof jacket and wind/waterproof pants
  • Dry change of clothes (there's bathrooms with hot showers for afterward)

If you don't have any of these items like a life jacket or gloves, that's ok and we'll find or borrow what you'll need to go. 

Please use the sign up to let us know you are coming and contact with any further questions.


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