Notes from Jere’s Legacy Regatta

Phil Webb on Tuesday August 18, 2020 04:32PM

The third annual Jere Dennison Legacy Regatta held this past Saturday was a remarkable success!  Twelve skippers/ boats, initially signed up to race.  However, because of uncertain weather conditions and other factors, only four boats ventured out into the unknown.  All skippers were 70 years or older, thus all competed for the coveted First Place Vintage Skipper Award in addition to sailing in the 60 years or older division.

Kudos go to Clark Dennison, Race Chair, and his outstanding Race Committee for running an excellent event in ‘trying weather conditions’. In addition to the committee onboard Mr. Roberts, there were two mark/ chase boats on the race course.  Hunter Davidson and Elizabeth Staas (Vice Commodore) on Wild Cat and Scott Collins on the other boat endured rough sea, wind and then rain conditions throughout the regatta as did the sailors on the race course.  There were two W-4 course races, each approximately a half hour in duration.  The wind started at 12 knots but rather quickly picked up to mid to high teens with gusts over 20 knots from time to time.  Oscillating wind conditions were the norm.

The length of each race provided skippers and crews the opportunity to demonstrate various sailing skills.  A third race was considered.  However, the increasing wind velocity became excessively challenging with gusts more frequently above 20 knots.  Everyone agreed that it was time to head in.  Good thing as significant rain began to fall during the sail to the dock.  It should be mentioned that Ancient Mariner sailor, Alain Vincey, displayed incredible fortitude and tenacity sailing his Laser throughout each race.  He was observed hiking straight out (mimicking 16 year old +/- Junior Race Team sailors) for long periods of time up wind (how does he do it?).  Good judgement (and becoming tired) forced him to retire on the last leg of the second race.  He had capsized several times during the event.  The third capsize from quite high gusts was enough.

On shore, Social Chair Susan Webb, provided drinks and snacks.  By the end of the event the libations cooler was almost completely empty as compared to the almost full soft drinks cooler.  Wonder why?

The Intrepid skippers and crews sailing in Jere’s event were:  Flying Scots - Phil Webb (Jim Lytle); Ron Jenkins (Joe Nelson); Lew Thatcher (Louise Moore). Laser – Alain Vincey. Phil Webb earned the First Place Vintage Skipper Award in the Flying Scott fleet.  All participants displayed Vintage Skipper characteristics in very challenging weather conditions.

In summary, Jere Dennison was an extremely accomplished sailor in all modes of weather from very light to very strong winds.  He would be quite proud of the FBYC sailors who competed in such a nasty weather environment to honor him in his Legacy Regatta.

Race results are displayed in Regatta Network.

 - Phil Webb, Event Chair

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