Over 100 Members have received new Members Only passwords

Strother Scott on Wednesday July 30, 2003 01:09PM

We have implemented a new system for permissions to visit the Members Only section of the web site. About 110 people have visited the Sign Up page in the past 2 weeks and been approved. In the Sign Up process, you pick your own username and password. You may also select a FBYC e-mail address - called an alias. Any e-mail sent to youraddress@fbyc.net will be automatically forwarded to your actual address. Once you are approved, Mary Spencer can change your username, password, or FBYC alias. (And when you report to Mary that your real e-mail address has changed, the FBYC alias will automatically send your mail to the new address, once she changes her records.)

We have also changed the "Navigation" links at the top of each page. Public visitors will see links to Members Only, Sign Up, and Forgot Password. As part of the Sign Up process, Mary will also assign you a role. Depending on your role, after you have logged into Members Only the links at the top will vary based on your permissions.

These changes will also improve the security of our web site as we have eliminated the previous "generic" password. We also moving pages like Mailing Lists to the members only section, which we hope will reduce spam sent to our lists. One day, we hope to enable on-line event registration, which will make it easier to plan and manage our events.

And if you forget your password, you can visit the Forgot Password link on the public Home page, and the web site will send you your name and password, which remain "case-sensitive"!!

Please let me know if you run across the invariable problems. Thank you.

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