FBYC Boats on Podium at Screwpile

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Offshore Racing

Last weekend 6 Fishing Bay Boats were among the 75 boats competing at the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge and half of the boats came home with podium finishes.  The 3 day regatta feature one light-air race on Friday, a distance race on Saturday ending at the Pier and 2 more buoy races on Sunday.

PHRF-A1 3rd Place Afterthough - Craig Wright

PHRF-A1 6th Place Double Eagle - Sam Mitchener

PHRF-B 3rd Place GOIN' - Dennis Hannick

PHRF-C 1st Place Horizon - Bob Fleck

PHRF-C 4th Place Cheeky Monkey - Paul and Julie Anne Wash

PHRF-C 6th Place Schiehallion - Brad Miller





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4TH OF JULY – INDEPENDENCE DAY – Celebrate yours – go sailing!
As southern Bay racers we sometimes suffer tornados, hurricanes, storm surges, nor’easters,  thunder boomers, hot spells, windless days, and gales.  All of which are cancelled out by one day as glorious as this past Wednesday, when close to 40 boats raced in Hampton Roads and more raced in other groups including those off Little Creek, in the York River, and elsewhere.  All were accompanied by race committees and spectator fleets.  Mid-week casual racing at its most enjoyable.  Get it  while you can!
SCREWPILE LIGHTHOUSE CHALLENGE entries hit 109 and still climbing!  SPLC continues to accept entries until noon, Wednesday, July 11th ...

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