Wee Dram Rally Version 6 is in the books.

Jim Raper on Monday August 26, 2019 11:45AM

Cape Charles line honors and overall winner is claimed by Doug Anderson assisted by Brad Miller.  In what is becoming a very popular annual event, this year’s version had twelve yachts and some fifty people enjoying the sail down to Cape Charles in near perfect conditions.  The group was diverse; racers and cruisers, regular crew and families, racing boats and sturdy circumnavigators.  The festival on the dock lasted several hours and after much deliberation, a trophy was selected and awarded…albeit somewhat depleted.  The return Sunday to the club was uphill but, for an August day, simply fantastic.  Look for the 7th edition on the club schedule next year, you will not be disappointed in your participation.  It is a rally, not a race, start when you want, finish when you do, but do not be late for the party on the dock - this crowd will not wait for you!  A good time was had by all!

I would be remiss not to publicly thank Spencer Travis, Harbormaster and his crew at Cape Charles Town Harbor.  He goes out of his way to accommodate us all on one dock and to make certain that we are well taken care of in the harbor.

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