Offshore General Notice of Race

2022 Offshore General Notice of Race (GNOR)

The 2022 Offshore Club Racing program will consist of four multi-day Club Series (Spring, Long Distance, Fall and Winter) as well as two, stand-alone, single day regattas (Opening Day and Open House Regatta; Closing Day is now the first race of the Winter Series) as further detailed on the FBYC website ( Please note the printed version of GNOR will be superseded by any online updates found on the FBYC website (

1.2 This Offshore General Notice of Race (GNOR), and each corresponding individual Event Notice will constitute the complete NOR for each event unless updated on the FBYC website (

The Organizing Authority is Fishing Bay Yacht Club
2.2 Races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).
2.3 US Sailing Prescriptions to RRS 63.2 and 63.4 will not apply.
2.3 All boats must meet U S Sailing (Nearshore) Safety Requirements (found at):
2.4 Alterations, deletion, and addition of the rules may be made by the following documents; any conflict will be resolved in favor of the later document in the list.

Offshore General Notice of Race,
Offshore General Sailing Instructions,
Event Notice of Race 
Event Sailing Instructions


3.1 Sailboats shall comply with US Sailing "Safety Equipment Requirements" (SER) - "Nearshore" category.

3.1.1 In the event of a conflict between the SER and applicable class rules, the class rules shall govern.

3.1.2 For Distance Series Events the additional SER requirements below will be required: 

SER 2.3.1, Head or fitted bucket
SER 2.4.1, Lifelines
SER 2.5.1, Bilge Pump
SER 2.7.2, Propulsion (4 hour min)
SER 3.2.1, Jacklines
SER 3.7.1, Life sling
SER 3.1.4, GPS
SER 3.15, GPS with electronic MOB
SER 3.2, Paper chart back-up
SER 3.22, Wood plugs
SER 3.24.1, Searchlight
SER 3.26, Radar reflector
SER 3.27.1, Two buckets with lanyards
SER 3.32, Cockpit knife
SER 3.35, No aloft halyards
SER 3.36, Boom support

3.2 Qualification. Races are open to PHRF Handicap (PHRF SPIN and NON-SPIN), One Design class boats with at least three participants, as well as any Cruising Class boats.

3.3 A competitor who will not have reached his/her 19th birthday by December 31 of the current year may race as a Junior by executing a Junior entry form.

3.4 Registration. A completed Entry Form or registration on the FBYC website ( is required for each event. If the event is part of a larger series, the yacht will be entered and scored for the entire series. A boat may not enter in more than one class in a start sequence. It is the responsibility of the entrant to see that the completed entry form or online registration is in the hands of the Race Committee no later than when the Committee Boat leaves the dock on the day of the race, or by the deadline specified in the Event Notice.
   a) Entry Forms may be obtained from the Race Committee, or online at
   b) Each skipper shall indicate on the entry form in which class and subclass listed in the individual Event Notice he/she wants the boat scored, and the boat’s rating for that class.
   c) The Race Committee, at its discretion, may accept late entries at the Committee Boat. 

3.5 Ratings: A boat entered in a CBYRA sanctioned Handicap Division class shall have a valid rating or measurement certificate on file with the appropriate CBYRA organization. PHRF entries shall also conform fully to the requirements described on the Entry Form under Class Information, unless otherwise stipulated in the Event Notice for a particular race or series. The General or Event Sailing Instructions may have additional requirements. The Race Committee may assign ratings to boats not holding valid certificates only for the purpose of club scoring in non-CBYRA sanctioned events (i.e. FBYC Cruising and Classic Divisions) or non-sanctioned classes. Such ratings are at the discretion of the Race Committee and not subject to appeal.

3.6 Sail Numbers: For any sanctioned event, a boat shall display either US SAILING sail numbers, or the numbers listed by CBYRA, or the sail numbers listed in the roster of sail numbers as maintained by her class. It is the responsibility of the entrant to clearly identify the boat and its class. It is acceptable for a boat to race using sails that differ from that boat’s proper sail number, so long as the skipper informs the Race Committee of the change prior to the first start of the day, and receives its acknowledgment.

4.1 The current year schedule of events is available at

4.2 The time of the first Warning Signal for the first race of each day shall be as designated in the Event Notice for that event.

2022 Offshore Division General Sailing Instructions, which are online at, as well as any Event Sailing Instructions which will be made available according to the Event Notice.

When held, a Skippers’ Meeting will be specified in the Event Notice for that event and held at the Flagpole on the Jackson Creek side unless specified elsewhere. 

The starting and racing areas will be specified in the Event Notice for that event. The racing area(s) may be in the areas as shown in FBYC Sailing Yearbook Appendix B and online at


The scoring system is as defined in the Offshore General Sailing Instructions (available online, except as modified by an Event Notice.


9.1 Awards for each class, or subclass scored separately will be presented as follows:
First/3; Second/4; Third/5
First/1; Second/4; Third/6

9.2 Every attempt will be made to announce and post results on the official notice board following conclusion of each day’s racing. Visiting boats desiring a copy of the race results should find them at or can contact the Offshore Division Lt. Commander.

Competitors participate in any race or regatta entirely at their own risk as instructed in RRS, Rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the race or regatta.

Fishing Bay Yacht Club extends club privileges to visiting boats and crews participating in the events listed in the Sailing Events book. Boats desiring to layover should please contact the General Manager upon arrival – 804-334-7575.

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