Technical Issues


Cookie problems – some users experience a continuing requirement to enter passwords after they have logged in.  They log in to the site, and when they go to another FBYC web page, their name disappears from the top left corner.  We have found users cure the issue by going to their browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, etc.) preferences – and deleting all FBYC related saved passwords and then logging in again to the FBYC website and saving the password again.

Alternatively, when users switch to a different browser - the problem usually goes away. 

We have also learned that if you set your Browser to "Private Browsing" the cookies problems do not appear.

Zope Errors – more frequently than we wish, something breaks and you will see a web page showing a Zope Error. Sometimes the language on the page will tell you the problem, like if an invalid credit card number was entered.  Otherwise, please ignore the errors, but if it causes you to be unable to do what you want, please contact Strother Scott at his cell 804-405-5999, or contact him by e-mail at strother.scott[at]

Technical Information

Open source software from Zope powers the site.  The news-posting feature has been moved to and it uses a framework by Both sites are hosted by The member database is managed by the Executive Secretary using an on-line PostgreSQL database, which also handles all event and volunteer data. 

Fishing Bay Yacht Club
Office Mail: Fishing Bay Yacht Club, 2711 Buford Road #309, Bon Air, 23235,
Clubhouse Address: 1525 Fishing Bay Road, Deltaville, VA 23043 (no mail delivery)

Phone Numbers: Club House 804-776-9636

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