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FBYC offers free classified listings to all members. All postings are visible to the public, including any contact information you insert in the body of the postings. The posting form requires you to put your email and phone number in each listing, but they are only visible to logged in members. The public is only able to respond via a website response form, which will send the poster an email message including the contact info of the buyer. FBYC reserves the right to delete any listing. No commercial postings please per our Rules.

Boat For Sale

Boat equipment

Black Powder Signal Cannon

- Black powder muzzle loading signal cannons built by sailors for sailors. Mutiple mounting and display options. If you want to see one I will will have a cannon with me during JR Week. For those who would like to see it in action, I hope to use it some during the week. Any questions, how to order,or to see it at other times email or call Kevin Hartz. Prices start at $799. Kevin Hartz - Expires - December 10, 2022
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