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FBYC offers free classified listings to all members. All postings are visible to the public, including any contact information you insert in the body of the postings. The posting form requires you to put your email and phone number in each listing, but they are only visible to logged in members. The public is only able to respond via a website response form, which will send the poster an email message including the contact info of the buyer. FBYC reserves the right to delete any listing. No commercial postings please per our Rules.

Boat For Sale

McLaughlin Advanced Racer Opti

- Asking $2,500 - White with red accents, Black Gold spar set, race sail, practice sail and previous years race sail, Epoxy Racing Blades, padded hiking straps, tapered mainsheet, bowline, Harken block, tiller with tiller extension, moisture guard cover ( bottom and top), optiparts blade bag, 3 airbags + 2 brand new unused airbags, tall wheel dolly with extra crossbar pads and solid tires, mast cla… Allen Mason - Expires - November 10, 2019

Laser for sale, Excellent Condition

- only raced, always covered, ready to go. Light Blue Hull/White Deck Two sails  Full Rig Racing Sail with two Vang Kits Laser Radial Sail with red sail bag Note - Radial lower mast section not includedSeitech Dolly - excellent condition with brand new tires, WinDesign Laser Travel Spar Carrier, Complete deck and hull covers - Deck cover faded but good condition, hull cover good condition, Laser … Alex MacKinnon - Expires - October 27, 2019
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Opti - McLaughlin Pro Racer Custom

- McLaughlin Custum Pro Racer with semi transparent bow and transom, 1 set of black gold racing spars, 1 set of MK4 gold spars, 1 set of N1 blades with blade bag, 1 set of european custom blades with blade bag, 4 sets of sails (3 J Red, 1 J Black used twice), bottom and top travel covers, spar travel bag, JCD tiller extension, upgraded blocks and sheets, 1 travel dolly, 1 standard dolly - Sail numb… Jason Angus - Expires - November 3, 2019
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Opti - McLaughlin Pro Racer

- Pro racer hull with custom Opti symbol in hull floor, blue transparent stern.3 Olympic Crosscut sails ( Happy, Gold, Platinum) sail 20380 N1 Rudder and daggerboard, 2 sets Black Gold Spars, padded Pro Racer hiking straps, Colie travel top and bottom cover, Collie Travel sail bag, Blade bag, Opti dollie. 4 x Team Trial Qualifier.$ 3,000 Mike McAllister - Expires - December 15, 2019
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Boat equipment

Accomodations near Deltaville

For Rent - Main house at Rosegill on VRBO

- 5 bedroom house on large farm at Urbanna with pool, waterfront, dock, and great walks. 25 minutes from FBYC. Weekly rentals through VRBO at from VRBO Listing...Step back in time for a week at one of the oldest and most historic estates in America. Hike around two beautiful fresh water lakes, home to one of the largest concentrations of river ospreys on the east coa… Strother Scott - Expires - November 15, 2019
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