Spring and Fall Race Teams


The Spring and Fall Race Teams are designed specifically for busy sailors who love other sports. Now there is no reason to miss sailing for soccer and football!

The program runs on weekends in the spring during March, April, and May, and in the fall during September, October, and November. The Teams practice at the club or attend regattas on most weekends during these months. A coach is retained on a weekly basis, and the coach may vary based on availability. The participants decide which practices and regattas to attend, and none are mandatory. The practices at the club are typically from 10 am until 4 pm, and include professional instruction on advanced racing techniques, including starting, mark rounding, speed and sail trim, tactics, and strategy. Sailors may practice in a Club boat or use their own. The sailors are coached and supported by the professional coach at the regattas. The regattas include those held in the Chesapeake Bay area, as well as the option of national events.


All registrants must have the prior approval of the Junior Division Commander (juniors@fbyc.net).







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