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Above: class photo from June, 2017

Junior Week, June 18 through June 22, is for Juniors ages 6 to 18 and consists of five days of sailing instruction in the following classes: Beginning Opti, Advanced Beginning Opti, Intermediate Opti I, II, & III, Racing Opti, Advanced Racing Opti, 420 Racing, Beginer Laser Racing, Laser Radial Racing, and Group Sailing (for teens who wish to sail with crew). Junior Week is a great way for Juniors to kick-off their sailing season, with lots of on- and off-the-water instruction, hanging with their friends, and spending time with their parents! Juniors completing Opti Kids who want to continue their training may participate in Beginning Opti.

A parent or guardian must be onsite during the program.

Coaches for Junior Week will include professional coaches and volunteers. It is hoped that all FBYC Juniors will participate, and Junior Week is also open to non-club members. Entertainment will follow after sailing, and will likely include a Kona ice truck, ice cream, pool parties, and a family cookout.

The class choices are as follows:

  • Beginner Opti: Sailors ages 6-10 with limited experience, sail doublehanded in Club-provided Optis, and learn basic boat-handling skills with close supervision. Sailors may particpate for no more than two years. Maximum 40 sailors.

  • Advanced Beginner Opti: Sailors ages 8-12 who have completed Beginner Opti or with some boat handling experience. Sailors must bring and use their own Opti.

  • Intermediate Opti: Sailors ages 8-12 who have completed Beginning Opti or with some boat handling and sailing experience sail singlehanded and learn more about boat setup, sail trim, boat handling, and racing within a closely supervised group. Sailors must bring and use their own Opti.

  • Group Sailing: Sailors ages 12 and up sail with crew and an experienced instructor in club member boats, usually keelboats, learning boat setup, sail trim, and boat handling, with an emphasis on sailing to destinations. This class is appropriate for older beginners with little or no sailing experience, as well as for those with extensive experience. Although we strive to accommodate demand for this class, enrollment is limited by the number of boats available to the program.

  • Racing Opti & Advanced Racing Opti: Sailors ages 10 and up who have completed Intermediate Opti or have equivalent experience learn starting techniques, sail trim, boat speed, and race strategy in preparation for regattas. Sailors must bring and use their own Opti.   Opti Race Team members have preference for Advanced Racing Opti.

  • Beginner Laser Racing: Sailors ages 10 & up who have outgrown Optimists or older sailors with limited experience who want to learn about Laser sailing. Class will be focused on learning about the Laser and having fun with a larger boat. Sailors must bring and use their own Laser.

  • Laser Radial Racing & Beginner 420 Racing: Sailors ages 11 and up who have outgrown Optimists and are ready for singlehanded racing in Laser Radials or for doublehanded racing in Club 420s learn starting techniques, sail trim, boat speed, and basic racing strategy in preparation for regattas. The 420 Class is appropriate for older beginners with little or no sailing experience, as well as those with extensive experience. Beginners will be paired with more experienced sailors and will receive basic instruction, and will be given the opportunity to skipper and crew a 420. Sailors in the Laser Class should have some racing experience. Sailors in the Laser class must bring and use their own Laser. Maximum 12 sailors for the 420 class.

  • Counselor-in-Training: Experienced junior sailors ages 13 to 18 who have attended at least 3 previous Junior Weeks as participants are invited to assist in the various classes as assistant instructors under adult supervision. Please contact Melanie Mason for additional information. 

Note to Parents:

Parents are encouraged to seek guidance from the Junior Division staff in selecting the class that is best suited to their child. FBYC has taken care to develop a program that fills the needs of a wide range of ages and skill levels. It is important that parents work with staff to properly place their children in the most appropriate class to avoid frustration on the part of the child and disruption to the class. If you are uncertain of your child's skill level or have concerns about their progress at any point in the program, please ask for an assessment by our coaches so that adjustments can be made to ensure that your child's introduction to sailing is a positive experience. You should not register your child for a class beyond or below the child's abilities in order for your child to be with a friend or sibling.

Parents should carefully provide each sailor's experience in the comment section during registration, as classes may be subdivided based on age, size, and relative sailing and racing experience.

Swim Test: All sailors must pass a simple two-part swim test on the first morning of camp. First, all sailors will be asked to swim the length of our pool (approximately 75') unassisted, without swim shoes and PFD. Sailors who pass will then be asked to swim to our beach from the end of our pier in Fishing Bay, wearing swim shoes and a PFD.

Note on Safety: All participants during junior events, including juniors, adults and observers, must wear PFDs and water shoes while on or in the water (boating, swimming and wading), while on the beach, and while on the piers. No exceptions are allowed. Those who will not follow this rule will be excused from participation.

In case of inclement weather, class sessions will be held onshore.

Payments are nonrefundable after registration is closed for that particular class.

To register, please follow the Registration Table link on the navigation bar.

Daily Schedule:

More detail will be provided in the enrollment package sent to registrants, but note that Junior Week classes are from 9:00 AM to Noon, and from 1:00 to 4:00 PM, except that Junior Week officially ends at noon on Friday. 

Parents or guardians must provide lunch for their children, as well as supervision during the lunch hour.  

Junior Week Schedule  
June 17 PM pre-Registration
June 18 AM Registration
June 18-22 Junior Week
Junior Week Management  
Junior Division Lt. Commander Melanie Mason
Online Registration Opens 2/1; Member Preference Ends 3/1; Closes 5/15


FBYC provides only a limited number of boats for the Beginner, Group Sailing, and 420 Classes.  

Following Junior Week, there are several excellent options for continued learning and sailing during the summer:

  • Opti Development Team
  • Summer Race Teams
  • Regattas
  • Fun Sail
  • Private Lessons
  • Spring/Fall Race Teams


For additional information, please contact Melanie Mason. 

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