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Fri, Aug 25  
Friday Night Social

Sat, Aug 26   OneDesign
Fall Laser Regatta
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Aug 18

Sun, Aug 27   OneDesign
One Design Fall Series 1
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Aug 19

Fri, Sep 1 - 3   Offshore
Stingray Point Regatta

Fri, Sep 8 - 17   Cruising
Lower Potomac Cruise
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Sep 7

Sat, Sep 9   Offshore
Wolf Trap Light Race
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Sep 1

Sun, Sep 10   OneDesign
One Design Fall Series 2
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Sep 2

Sat, Sep 16   Offshore
Fall Series 1
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Sep 8

Sat, Sep 23 - 24   OneDesign
Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Champs

Sat, Sep 30 - 1   Offshore
J/70 East Coast Championships

Thu, Oct 5 - 15   Cruising
Southern Bay Fall Cruise
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Oct 4

Sat, Oct 7   OneDesign
Indian Summer Regatta (Fall Series 3)
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Sep 29

Sun, Oct 8   Offshore
Fall Series 2
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Sep 30

Sat, Oct 14 - 15   OneDesign
Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship
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Oct 11

Sat, Oct 21   Offshore
Fall Series 3
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Oct 13

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Weekend Update

Posted by Brian Ankrom on

The final Friday Night Social of the summer kicks this weekend off at the Clubhouse.  Social contact: Carrie Russell.

Saturday holds the Fall Laser Regatta during the day and a private evening event at the Clubhouse.  Race Contact: Matt Braun - Social Contact: Ruth Anna Jenkins.

The weekend closes with the first One Design Fall Series Race on Sunday.  Race Contact: Jim Raper - Social Contact: Ruth Anna Jenkins.

Extended Schedule of Events
Mon, Sep 4 – Labor Day & State of the Club Mid-Year Meeting
Fri, Sep 8 – Lower Potomac Cruise
Sat, Sep 9 – Wolf Trap Light Race
Sun, Sep 10 – One Design Fall Series 2
Sat, Sep 16 – Fall Series 1
Sat, Sep 23 – Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Champs
Sat, Sep 30 – J/70 East Coast Championships

Thu, Oct 5 – Southern Bay Fall Cruise
Sat, Oct 7 – One Design Indian Summer Regatta (Fall Series 3)
Sun, Oct 8 – Offshore Fall Series

Weekend Update

Posted by Brian Ankrom on

This weekend starts early with the Captain’s Choice Cruise starting with a dinner on Thursday night.  Cruise contact: Tony Sakowski.

Friday night follows with the weekly social at the Clubhouse.  Social contact: Liby Hansen or Joe Roos.

The Offshore Smith Point Race will be held on Saturday.  Race Contact: Case Whittemore - Social Contact: Louise Moore.

The weekend closes with the One Design Legacy of Sail Regatta to be held on Sunday.  Race Contact: Jim Raper - Social Contact: Paul Almany.

Extended Schedule of Events
Fri, Sep 1 – Stingray Point Regatta
Mon, Sep 4 – Labor Day & State of the Club Mid-Year Meeting
Fri, Sep 8 – Lower Potomac Cruise
Sat, Sep 9 – Wolf Trap Light Race
Sun, Sep 10 – One Design Fall Series 2
Sat, Sep 16 – Fall Series 1
Sat, Sep 23 – Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Champs
Sat, Sep 30 – J/70 East Coast Championships
Thu, Oct 5 – Southern Bay Fall Cruise

Save the Date: State of the Club Mid-Year Meeting

Posted by David Lennarz on

Join Commodore David Lennarz, Vice Commodore Rob Whittemore, Rear Commodore Paul Wash, Treasurer Steve Quiriconi, Finance Chair Veronica Hinckle, and Secretary and Membership Chair Joe Roos for an informal meeting on Monday, September 4th (Labor Day) from 10am - 11am upstairs in the Main Club House.  

Our Agenda will include:

  • Club Management                                     
  • Membership Status
  • Financial Update
  • East Dock Project
  • Fishing Bay Boat Ramp
  • Municipal Water
  • Summary / Q&A


Register today to race in the AOD Regatta, and to Volunteer! We need you!

Posted by Paul Wash on

We are only days away from the FBYC Annual One Design!  We are hosting the Hampton One Design National Championships this year as well!  Come join your fellow sailors on the course and at dinner!  The Hark will be playing music on the river bank, while we enjoy grilled bone-in chicken, scalloped potatoes, and grilled summer vegetables.  You don't have to race to buy dinner tickets, all are welcome!

Registration today for the 78th Annual One Design Regatta, August 12-13, 2017.  One of the biggest events of the year at FBYC, you won't want to miss this!  Register now at

Volunteer NOW! Volunteers like you make this event happen, so please take a minute to log into Signup Genius and see if one of these fun volunteer opportunities fit your schedule!  


Labor Day Weekend - Come to the Saturday Night Shindig at Stingray Point Regatta!

Posted by Paul Wash on

What are you doing Saturday night, Labor Day Weekend?

Whether you are racing or not, all members are invited to come eat dinner and dance to the tunes of the Alex Crain Brothers!  Beef brisket, pulled barbequed chicken, summer vegetables and a mashed potato bar await! Can't do dinner?  Come hear the band! Open to all members and their guests, so if you are entertaining that weekend, wow your guests with a great party!  Questions?  Contact Julie Ann Wash

Learn more at the Stingray Point Regatta page! Register early, so everyone knows your coming!

Register for Stingray Point Regatta Today!

Posted by Paul Wash on

Stingray Point Regatta is almost here!  Labor Day Weekend, the offshore fleet is taking to the water at our biggest offshore event of the year!  This year we are excited about adding a Cruising option for racing! September 2-3, 2017 we will have two exciting days of racing - but come early on Friday, September 1 to participate in the Stingray Light Long Distance Race.

The Saturday Night Shindig will be a ton of fun Saturday night, with a yummy dinner and a fun band.  Come dance under the tent with us, whether you race or not!  Open to all members and their guests. 

Learn more at the Stingray Point Regatta page! Register early, so everyone knows your coming!  Registration is on Yacht Scoring at

New Event Page Rollout

Posted by Strother Scott on

Our website migration to a new modern system continues at a faster than expected pace.  Today we continued our conversion.  Most of you are familiar with our event pages.  This week we launch new event pages.  As of this morning all links to event pages on our Home page - will now take you to the new event pages on  The pages will look similar on a computer - with a left side bar showing links to register, who is coming, list of the chairs, and links to show event notices and results.  The large right hand side has the sailing instructions as found in the Yearbook.  We hope the pages are less cluttered than before. 

It will be very different if you look at a new event page on an phone or tablet.  The content will stack, with the left sidebar first and the right hand content lower on the page.  We are still working to make that mobile appearances even prettier and easy to use.

Event Managers will still use links on the left bottom to add results. But they will have to learn how to do it.

For all future events, the definitive sailing instructions are now on the new pages.  Last night both old and new page content started out identical.  I have now cut off editing of the old pages - and people who edit the content will also have to learn a new system.  They will see a little bird - a Wagtail - in the bottom right hand corner.  They click on the bird to edit the content.  Jim Raper has already updated Smith Point Race - with a Change Notice.  He said it could not have been easier once he saw how.

It will also be a short-term problem for those posting results.  Results posted on the new pages will show up on the new pages.  Recent Results on the top of the Home Page will only reflect results posted from the old system.  I’ll try to keep the two synchronized.  For those who don’t like change - the old pages are still linked under Event List pages like  For those who like change - please visit the similar page on the new website  and new results will show up on that page.

In due course, the programmer will migrate all old results from old to new, and all historical results and notices will display on the new lists.  At that time, assuming we get all aspects working correctly, all links to event lists will be changed to only take you to the new pages.   After that we plan  convert our Home page to the new site.  And after that is done, the average member will no longer need to log into two different websites.

The Rescue of Valiant and crew

Posted by Strother Scott on

Todays Richmond Paper had a first page article about the rescue of Wes Jones and the crew of Valiant off Iceland.  

Excerpts and Pictures below:

“All we can speculate is that one of those rogue waves crashed down us,” Piersol said as he sat and sipped coffee. “It broke on top of the boat and completely smashed the boat down into the water. Blew out the portholes on the low side. Took everything. It was a violent smashing. Wasn’t like a gentle, oh-my-gosh-we’re-rolling-over. It was, wham!

“Next thing you know, you’re rolling over and upside-down and water’s pouring over you. It took the boat over on its side and rolled it over. Once it went over, it kept going. Thank goodness. If the keel gets lost in an accident like that, you’ll stay upside-down, and that would have been bad.”

Piersol figures the whole episode didn’t last more than three or four seconds, but a racing mind can cover a lot of ground in that amount of time. About the time Piersol finished thinking, “We’re really in trouble,” the boat completed its 360-rollover and was upright again, though the deck had pretty much been stripped bare, including the mast.


Life Raft

Water, water everywhere (including our spigots?)

Posted by David Lennarz on

According to a recent article in the Southside Sentinal, authored by Tom Chillemi, "the Middlesex Water Authority (MWA) voted on July 31 to accept a $3 million grant and a 2% interest rate loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  The funding moves the $18 million Eastern Middlesex Water Project forward with the plan to pipe water from Rosegill near Urbanna to Topping and as far east as Stingray Point in Deltaville.

The MWA is an “authority” and is separate from the Middlesex government, and as an authority the customers would pay for the water system. The MWA will have 517 water customers, which is enough to pass scrutiny of the USDA’s regional office.

The USDA will loan the MWA $12 million at 2% interest for 40 years, said Tara Delaney of the USDA’s rural development office in Richmond. The USDA will grant $3 million. Customer paid connection fees will generate $2.97 million. The annual loan payment will be $454,800.

On July 31, the MWA voted to authorize MWA board chair Greg Chambers to sign the USDA letter of conditions, which must be returned to the USDA by August 3."

FBYC signed a Subscription Agreement and paid the deposit earlier this summer.  We are hopeful that this USDA funding will move the project across the finish line.

The Bermuda Privateer

Posted by Jere Dennison on

As FBYC Historian, one of my responsibilities is the maintenance of our Dan Austin Memorial Library. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for quality maritime literature to place on its shelves.

Recently I received word that an old Richmond friend, Bill Westbrook, was retiring and returning to Irvington, Virginia where he had planted deep roots in the past. Bill had taken the reins as CEO of one of the largest and most successful advertising agencies in the Midwest, the Fallon agency in Minneapolis.

Now Bill has begun a new chapter in his life as an author of a series of historical sea novels that are set in the Caribbean during the late 18th Century.  To create this series, Bill is drawing upon his extensive experience sailing and racing on the Rappahannock as a past member of the RRYC and cruising the Caribbean in his catamaran.

The first of the three novels in the series, The Bermuda Privateer, will soon be released at a book-signing event hosted by the Tides Inn at 6 pm on Wednesday, September 20. Inside the Privateer, you will be treated to the spellbinding adventures of Privateer Nicholas Fallon and other assorted heroes and villains on the high seas. In my opinion this series will rank in popularity alongside the works of Patrick O’Brien and C. F. Forester and other noted authors of this particular genre.

Follow the link below to register for the book signing at the Tides Inn:

Or purchase the book at this link:

Jere Dennison, FBYC Club Historian

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