How do Sails Make Boat Go?

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Join Sailmaker Jerry Latell TONIGHT at 7 PM for our last Spring webinar, "How Do Sails Make Boats Go?"  Register here:

FBYC member Jerry will entertain and enlighten us with his discussion of the physics of sailing as well as the beauty of a well-set sail.  This is also a great opportunity for you to invite a friend to join us online and share your love for FBYC and sailing.

See you online....and on the water soon!

Last Call for Webinar!

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Tonight's the night to introduce your family and friends to our "Welcome to Fishing Bay Yacht Club" webinar.  

It's also the last time you, yourself, can participate to really learn about all the programs our club has to offer.  Did you know about our Adult Sailing School?  How about the Women's Sailing Clinic?  

Until we're all together, in person, let's gather together online and prepare for a great sailing season in 2021!

Register here:


Invite Your "Network" to FBYC

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Who's In Your Network?  

They're your friends and family and work colleagues. They're the people you know from a sports team, your neighbors or the friends of friends you've met once or twice.  And among the thousands of those collective people, we bet there are a few who would love to learn more about FBYC.

So here's your opportunity as an FBYC member to invite them to our online, 3-part webinar series, "Welcome to Fishing Bay Yacht Club" beginning next week, Wednesday, March 24 at 7 PM.  Here's what they'll learn:

Wednesday, March 24:  Commodore Elizabeth Staas will offer a tour of the club followed by a panel of club leaders, each describing their program.  (This would be a great …

Join Carol Vaughn and Dave Tabor as they "Sail Around the World on Other People's Boats"

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Join FBYC members Carol Vaughn and Dave Tabor Wednesday, February 24 from 7-8 PM, online, as they describe how they sailed to exotic lands and foreign waters on other people's boats.  Two years ago, they joined the Oyster World Rally as crew aboard a 54-foot luxury sailboat.  In their presentation, they'll describe how they found crew positions, where they traveled and what the duties and expectations of crew (and the owners!) were during the rally.

When they're not sailing overseas, Carol and Dave race their Canadian Sailcraft Merlin, Dianthus, in club, bay and offshore races and plan to race in this year's Bermuda 1-2.  

This is a great opportunity to invite a friend who might be interested in FBYC to …

Meet Katie Yudkin: Membership Engagement Chair

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"I vividly remember my first Down The Bay race, delivering the boat to Annapolis," says Katie Yudkin our Membership Engagement Chair. "It was a grueling 14 hours. The rain was coming down sideways, the boat was crashing through four-foot seas and it was COLD. But I came to realize a few things after that long night: Boy do I love to sail."

Tasked with helping FBYC members to "get involved," Katie is actively working to increase participation across YAMS, Offshore and One-Design racers, Juniors and Cruisers. "There's something special about sailing and some of the kindest people I've ever met have been on the Fishing Bay dock."

Katie learned to sail on a Tartan 10, spent …

Log Submissions

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Have an article for the Log? Please send to Joanna Wensell by January 21 to be included in the Feb/Mar issue.

YAMs are our Future at FBYC

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Mary Catherine McAllister.jpg

FBYC's future is very much determined by retaining and attracting new young adult members (YAMs) and there is no one better to lead that effort than Mary Catherine Buhl McAllister.  (Or "Cappy" as she will always be known to many.)

Mary Catherine's sailing career began during 1998 during Junior Week when she was seven years old. "That year, the Junior Week shirts were yellow and my oversized shirt fit me like a dress,"  she says. "I've grown a bit since then,  but that yellow shirt has survived the years and I still proudly wear it.

"After growing up in the Junior Program, in Optis and Lasers, I transitioned to college racing at Christopher Newport University. My CNU sailing days …

Getting to Know "The Red Boat" Skipper Jim Raper

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Jim is currently FBYC's Long Range Planning Committee Chair.  He's as colorful off the water as his boat is on.  Here's his story:


"It all began in 1983 when a group of us at Virginia Tech decided to charter a sailboat for spring break.  One of us had some experience so our band of misfits sailed a Morgan 44 OI to Bimini in the Bahamas. (Can anyone ID Jim in this photo?)  It was my first sailing experience of any kind.  It's amazing how much beer fit under the settees in that boat,  Some years later, I bought my first boat in 1990, a 27' Jeanneau Fantasia with the intent of family sailing and didn't think about racing until Brooks …

Blessings from FBYC for the Holidays

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From our much loved Chaplain and FBYC Honorary Member Doug Anderson:

During this holiday season of both tremendous stress and great hope, I am mindful of the gifts that don't go under the tree. These gifts are often priceless and just as often, cost very little.  They seldom have to be wrapped, but most often are. You and I are the gift givers,  as well as the recipient of many of these gifts.  We, you, are the wrapping, and it is your time, talents and your service that is the substance of your gifts to us all.

As members of FBYC we are in a community of gift givers and gift receivers. Whether you know it or not,  you are …

Meet Board Member: Historian George Lyons

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Even though "real sailors" are still out on the Chesapeake's waters, many of us spend the winter to regroup, work on boats and plan for the next sailing season.  So now's a good time to share some stories about your board of directors, especially for new members. 

We start with our club historian, George Burke.  

Burke.jpgGeorge, wisely, embraced his wife Lyon's, childhood love of sailing.  Lyons had sailed at the Hampton Yacht Club as a junior, but George didn't step aboard a sailboat until he was 40 years old.  Long-term FBYC member Tony Sakowski, invited him to crew on a one design boat and taught him the fundamentals of sailing. They soon became members, initially to teach their two children …

Keeping Our Club Beautiful

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Susan Roberts and Margaret montgomery.jpg

While some were eating turkey or putting boats to bed, other members were keeping our club looking beautiful.  Especially during the winter months, there's always work to be done.  Whether it's clubhouse cleaning, dock repair or lawn clean-up, there's always something to be done.  Thanks to Susan Roberts and Margaret Montgomery for ushering in fall at FBYC.

Now on to winter!


2020 Online Annual Meeting: This Saturday, Nov. 14 @ 5:45PM

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Make plans to "attend" FBYC's Annual Meeting this Saturday via Zoom.  Although this event won't be part of the Commodore's Ball as in the past, the meeting is important for all members to meet the new Flag Officers, learn about the financial health of our club, anticipate plans for the 2021 sailing season and recognize our award winners.

Members will all be emailed a Zoom Invitation link soon.


So grab a Dark 'n Stormy, belly up to your computer and let's close out 2020 with cheer!

7th Annual Wee Dram

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In the books. 

Never can it be written that Fishing Bay Yacht Club is without members who would willingly allow a pandemic and/or hurricane to come between them and loosely organized rallye followed by a socially responsible social.  This past weekend proved that that just ain’t so.

This year’s organizing committee had to adjust some of the founders’ rules that in the end, allowed a founder to claim first prize.  In the Wee Dram Deed of Gift [the non-existent document that governs this annual event], the rules of competition required amendment.   “Valid start times will be any time within 72 hours of the 5:30pm social Saturday.”  It’s a worthy change that benefits the Cape Charles …

Grounds Day 2020 – The Event

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2020 07 Grd Day 1.jpg

On Saturday July 25th some of the hardiest sailors at Fishing Bay joined together in the 95 degree heat to battle the forces of nature.  Equipped with gloves, pruners, rakes, and shovels, volunteers participated in the first 2020 Grounds Day event.  Around 25 members and non-members alike attacked areas of need across the FBYC campus. 

The day began with a socially distanced welcome by Steve Montgomery, Grounds Chair.  Steve thanked everyone for attending, briefed them on traditional as well as coronavirus safety issues, then laid out a well devised plan of attack.  Each group was able to choose an area with required tasks.  The small groups dispersed to tackle the hillside by Fishing Bay in preparation for junior week, clear …

Honoring Memorial Day

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Perseverance and Flag

In case you missed this on social media (and who doesn't need to take a break from facebook!)...

David and Veronica Hinckle's Perseverance dramatically recognized America's armed services members with this grand flag on Memorial Day.  Not our usual celebration and start to summer, but perhaps a solitary boat flying the colors was most appropriate this year.  This single post went viral--in the best of ways--garnering almost 5,000 impressions in just two days.  FBYC also created quite a stir on the local Deltaville FB page and generated tremendous goodwill among our neighbors.

Thanks to the Flecks for capturing this impressive photo and to the Hinckles for a most memorable image.  If you use the rule of an inch of …

Crew Training 2020: SMASH HIT!

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Crew Training 2020

Eighty--yes that is 8-0 lovers of sailing joined online for FBYC's 31st Crew Training Seminar!

Our virtual online webinar attracted people from numerous states and from all over the commonwealth of Virginia.  Everyone was eager to simply gather together to learn about our club, our racing and cruising programs and more. 

Kudos to George Burke who began the 90-minute session with his entry-level and often humorous presentation, "What's that called?"  (Did you know that halyard is derived from "haul on the yard?") A self-described technology neophyte, George navigated the webinar with style and skill.

Special thanks to Lauren DeSimone and Stuart Kegan for transitioning our training from in-person to online and for Paul Wash for his technical prowess …

Let's Gather Together for "Opening Day"

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Are you missing:

  • Scurrying to ready your boat for Opening Day?
  • Walking down the Fishing Bay dock and marveling how beautiful Stove Point and Gwynn's Island are?
  • Crossing the line for the first 2020 offshore race and hearing the horn blow?
  • Listening to Doug Anderson, our FBYC chaplain, bless the fleet?

We all do.

But here's a solution to help lessen our collective loss.  This Saturday, April 18 at 5 PM we invite all FBYC members to join together ONLINE at for our first (and hopefully, only) Virtual Opening Day.  Just go to the website and click on the link in the Opening Day photo.

A boatload of members have worked to prepare a video that will bring …

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