roundedge_img 2011 Press Articles
    Little Big Boat  
roundedge_img 2010 Press Articles
    Cruising World June 2010 - Article about Waters Family cruising with children  
    Fishing Bay Yacht Club to host Opti Nationals  
    Jackson Creek Needs Dredging  
    OptiNews 2010 USODA Layline Nationals report  
    OptiNews Green Fleet - Safe Fun & Fair by Lina Scott  
    Sailing Magazine - August 2010 - Carina.pdf  
    Sailing Munchkins in Virginia Sportsman  
    Spinsheet Dec 2010 - Valiant Effort by Wes Jones  
    Spinsheet Feb 2010 Totally Awesome - The Fun of Kids Sailing  
roundedge_img 2008 Press Articles
    Chesapeake Bay Mag 1-2009 re Flying Scots - 7MB  
    R Home - Sail Away - about Stove Point - large 12MB  
    Sailing World Article - Deltaville and Leukemia Cup  
    The Flying Scot Champs in NJ - by Lud Kimbrough  
roundedge_img 2007 Press Articles
    Daily Press - Lintons emerge atop Flying Scot regatta  
    One Woman's Opinion  
    Richmond Times Dispatch- Preparing to set sail once again  
    Richmond Times Dispatch- Sailing Floats their Boat  
    Southside Sentinel - Deltaville to Host Flying Scot North American Championships  
roundedge_img 2006 Press Articles
    5 Ways to Start Racing  
    One Woman's Opinion  
roundedge_img 2005 Press Articles
    Leukemia Cup Regatta  
    Making Our Yacht Clubs Essential  
roundedge_img 2004 Press Articles
    Does Your Club Measure Up?  
    Leukemia Cup Article by Roy Meyer in The Virginia Sportsman  
roundedge_img 2003 Press Articles
    Meg Roberts wins National 'Stuck at Prom" Contest  
    Richmond Times Dispatch recognizes the Leukemia Cup Regatta  
    Southside Sentinel article - Flying Scots can sink  
    Taking on the Big Club Project - by Gary Jobson in Sailing World  
    Will Crump and Scott Collins 4th in J-22s at Annapolis NOOD  
    Winning at the Sponsor Game - by Kathleen Mangan in Sailing World  
roundedge_img 2000 Press Articles
    Keeping Yacht Clubs Afloat  
roundedge_img 1997 Press Articles
    1997 Brent Halsey Jr. Memorial Regatta  
    Women's Crew Claim First in Florida  

sailingmar_imgElizabeth Stass aboard Paul Anderson's Titillation at Key West Race Week.
Photo courtesy of Onne van der Wal/Stock Newport.
strotherjrspinsheet Strother Scott, Jr., pictured second from front, made the cover of the current December issue of SpinSheet.
The photo was submitted by Dave Dunigan.

Dave Dunigan's cover picture of the August 2005 Spinsheet on the occasion of the visit of the Schooner Virginia to Deltaville for the Leukemia Cup and the Junior Olympics.

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