FBYC Equipment

The Club owns and maintains a fleet of  21 Optis, four Lasers, and seven 420s, all of which are available for use by members. For any race on the FBYC schedule, the boats must be reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

The junior shed stores all rigging, spars, blades, lines etc.  We have five junior coach boats for the coaches to use while teaching at FBYC and to use when traveling to away events, and a fleet of trailers to transport all boats.  The Junior Fleet Lt is responsible for overall Fleet maintenance.

To coordinate use of FBYC equipment please contact the club's General Manager.

Safety Requirements

We have always prided ourselves on running a good junior program and have established safety standards. Mandatory safety requirements for the Junior Program include:

  1. Life jackets will be worn on the water by all ages during all Junior events.
  2. One safety boat with working motor with a "qualified" driver is required for every five junior boats, on each racecourse.
  3. Each race committee, safety boat and designated shore-based adult will have a working VHF radio.
  4. Emergency contact information will be available for all juniors in every junior event.
  5. Any traveling junior team event must be supervised by an adult over age 25 as "adult in charge."
Fishing Bay Yacht Club
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