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The 2023 Cruising Division schedule offers a variety of nearby destinations on the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay has some of the best cruising waters in the world in close proximity to Fishing Bay Yacht Club, and we anticipate taking full advantage of our location. The primary objective of the Division is to provide a schedule in which everyone can both participate and enjoy the pleasures of cruising, and members and boats that may be new to cruising are especially welcome. Please consult the Cruising Events Schedule to see how our destinations will appeal to both new and seasoned cruisers.  Event information is being developed and will evolve as we get further into the year.  Event notices will be updated on the website throughout the year and included in weekly club emails to highlight the upcoming event as well as to reflect any changes or refinements to the plans.

There are also two "Social Only" events on our calendar:  the Opening Cruisers Party to start the season in mid-April and a Closing Dinner at the end of the season in late October.

Please register at for each event and be sure to call or email the Cruise Leader with any questions about the specific event that you are interested in attending. 

Each of our Cruise Leaders follows guidelines for the conduct of a successful cruise. The guidelines are outlined here:

  1. Keep an accurate record of out-of-pocket expenses, with receipts, incurred on behalf of the Club, and submit these using the most recent spreadsheet to the Division Commander for reimbursement from our Club Treasurer.  Coordinate with the Division Commander in advance to establish a budget target for your cruise.  
  2. Communicate during the six weeks prior to departure, using every available FBYC communication tool to announce your event, briefly updating the activities and itinerary and reiterating how members can sign-up through you, the website, or both (website is preferred). These tools include: a) website announcements, b) e-mail blasts to the division by the Cruising Division Commander, and c) articles and announcements in the Log. Remember that the Log announcements must be submitted to the Log Streamer ( Joanna Wensell at ) by an announced date of the preceding month in order to make the publication deadline.
  3. Provide a summary/article of your event, for publication in the Log, to the Division Commander within a week after your return.  If you don’t want to write it yourself, it’s OK to get another participant to volunteer to do it, but we do need write-ups.  Include information on participation and highlights of the trip, and include high-quality (not condensed for email or website) digital photos, if feasible. Photos from other cruise participants can also be solicited and submitted.  Photos for the Log will be typically limited by space to a few of the best shots representing the cruise, but submit any you feel that are worthy.  Group photos are particularly desired.
  4. Think ahead and watch the weather. You can prevent a poor turnout by keeping your cruisers abreast of weather-related changes in plans during the week prior to departure.
  5. Remember to assign a VHF channel for communications during the cruise and share cell phone numbers as a backup. The Cruise Chair may want to furnish a spreadsheet or Word document to all participants containing information about the participants, i.e. boat names, cell numbers, dates joining or departing the cruise, slip assignments, etc. Keeping in touch is important for purposes of safety, convenience, and collegiality.
  6. Do not hesitate to ask for volunteer assistance from your fellow cruisers to set up for an event, to contribute an appetizer or side dish, or to clean up after one of our social get-togethers.

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Scott Sirles, Cruising Division Commander: John Koedel, III,; Cell: (804) 338-1158


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