Opti, Laser & 420 Race Teams


Opti, Laser and 420 Race Teams are intensive instructional racing programs requiring a significant investment of time and resources by both the participants and their families.   The teams travel to major CBYRA and national events, all the while working with world-class coaches to improve their racing skills and approach to the fun of sailing competition.  

For 2019, the teams will average five days of practice and racing, with some allowance for additional days of travel.

Sailors must provide their own boats for all race teams including the 420 race team. The program consists of practice starting on the weekend prior to Junior Week, participation in Junior Week, and the 7 weeks following Junior Week with intensive practice and racing. The teams will be coached by world-class professional coaches




Above top: Lasers at Gibson Island in 2016; above: team racing at Opti Nationals 2015

Enjoy more photos of previous Race Teams: https://flic.kr/s/aHskR2F8Ex and https://flic.kr/s/aHskfDbovz

In addition to practice at Fishing Bay, the Teams travel to regattas throughout the Chesapeake Bay and other regional events. In recent years the teams have travelled to National Championships in New England, Canada, Minnesota and Michigan. A limited number of spaces on club trailers are available to transport boats to regattas. Parents should be prepared to transport their sailor's boats if space is not available on club trailers. Typically, the Teams take 2 days a week off; the remainder of the week is filled with practice, travel, and/or regattas.  

Additional fees/costs in addition to the standard fee rate may be assessed to members of the Race Teams due to unforeseen expenses associated with the Teams' coaches, travel expenses, and equipment. 

All registrants must have prior approval of the Junior Division Lt. Commander Jason Angus (jangus@hilbgroup.com) and Junior Division Commander, Mark Wensell (mark.wensell@gmail.com). In the event of the team reaching capacity, preference will be given by the Junior Division Lt. Commander and Junior Division Commander to prior Race Team members.

To register, please follow the Registration Table link on the navigation bar on the left. Program fees are outlined on the registration page. You must have prior approval to register.

Opti, Laser & 420 Race Team Schedule  
June 15-16
Practice at FBYC
June 17-21
Practice at Junior Week
June 22 - August 11 Practice & Regatta Circuit
Regatta Schedule TBD
Opti Race Team Management  
Opti Race Team Coordinator Sandi Brewer
Opti Race Team Coach Clari Piran
Team Capacity 12
Online Registration Deadline - May 15
Laser Race Team Management  
Laser Race Team Coordinator Mary Almany
Laser Race Team Coach Alexander Zimmermann
Team Capacity 16
Online Registration Deadline - May 15
420 Race Team Management  
420 Race Team Coordinator Kathryn Angus
420 Race Team Coach Mariano Pellegrino
Team Capacity 10
Online Registration Deadline - May 15



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