Application Process

Application Process

Membership application is encouraged from those interested in becoming actively involved in our sailing programs. The membership process is coordinated by our Secretary and Membership Chair, Joe Roos.  He can be reached at home 804-550-9337 or by email at

FBYC has 6 different types of membership:

  • Family: Family membership includes married adults, where the primary member is 22 or older, and any unmarried children under age 26 as of January 1, or a single adult and his or her unmarried children under age 26 as of January 1.
  • Single Adult: Unmarried adult who is age 22 or older, with no unmarried children under the age of 26, as of January 1.
  • Associate Junior:  A member, ages 16-26, who is unattached to a family membership and whose membership is renewed annually through election.
  • Ancient Mariner:  A member, age 70 or older, who has been a member of the Club for at least 20 years as of January 1.
  • Life:  A member whose contributions to the Club are recognized by the Board conferring this status. Life members pay no dues, but enjoy all membership privileges.
  • Honorary: Individuals whose contributions to the Club, even though not Club members, are recognized by the Board conferring this status. Honorary members pay no dues, but enjoy all membership privileges except that they may not hold office.

How to Apply For Membership

Applying for membership is a simple, easy process, accomplished by completing an application and submitting it to the Membership Chair with letter from two club member who has agreed to sponsor your application. All of this can be done electronically, attached to an email sent to the Membership Chair.

  • You can obtain a membership application by clicking the Membership Application (it will download as a word document) and submit to the Membership Chair.  The application is simple and straight-forward.
  • Please complete it and send it to the Membership Chair by email.
  • Two sponsors who are active members are required to write letters of reference or complete a sponsor's questionnaire (see Frequently Asked Questions on side bar about how to line up a sponsor).  Sponsors will answer your questions, provide an initial orientation to FBYC, and help you make entry into the Club.
  • A meeting with members of the Membership Committee and your sponsor. In the case of family applications both husband and wife are encouraged to attend, but only one prospective member is required.  The Membership Committee meeting is a pleasant and enjoyable introduction to the Club.
  • Presentation of the prospective member(s) to the Board of Trustees.

How Long Does the Application Process Take?

Once an application is completed and submitted with the sponsor letter, applicants will be invited to meet with the Membership Committee, which usually meets once a month; and a summary of the applicant's experience and interests will be published by email to the general membership.  After the applicant has met with the Membership Committee, the Chair will submit the application to the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees votes on the application at its next monthly Board meeting.  Generally, the application process takes about a month from submission to final approval, depending on the date of submission and the dates of Membership Committee and Board meetings. 

What's My Status While My Application Is Pending?

Applicants who have attended a Membership Committee meeting have full club privileges, with the exception of boat slip or storage privileges, while their applications are pending.  Applicants are encouraged to use Club facilities and to participate in Club functions.

Need Additional Information?

Prospective members should contact Membership Chair by email for any additional information pertaining to the application process.

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