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2018 FBYC Junior Program

"Fishing Bay Yacht Club is one of the premier Junior Programs on the Chesapeake Bay and may be the country."
Scuttlebutt Sailing November 2016

Program Overview

The FBYC Junior Division’s primary goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for junior sailors to reach their full potential. The program has continued to evolve and grow through the years. Its success is due to the continued commitment of the Board of Trustees to develop and support a top level program, including investment in world-class coaches, the commitment from parents and other club members, and the dedication of our young sailors. Many of our juniors begin sailing at FBYC at the age of five in Opti Kids and continue to develop their skills through the years in various Junior Week classes and four separate race teams. Many continue to sail and compete at the college and adult level and return to give back to the program. Each year, members who had sailed as juniors in our club  bring their children or grandchildren to participate in our world-class junior programs. At many events we see three generations of families participating as coaches,volunteers, or participants, representing 55 years of junior sailing on Fishing Bay. This long-term commitment to excellence produces young sailors whose skills and sportsmanship are respected at every level of competition across the Chesapeake Bay and beyond, including national regattas in which our teams participated in recent years in Texas, Florida,  Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Canada. We routinely host major regattas, including in recent years the Opti Atlantic Coast Championships, Opti Nationals, and numerous Commonwealth of Virginia Championships.  In 2018 we will once again host the Annual Fishing Bay Junior Regatta  the weekend of June 23 & 24.

The Junior Division is divided into three organizational sections: education, racing, and support. At FBYC, parents and grandparents are invited and encouraged to join in the fun and participate as volunteers both on the water and on shore. Our philosophy is that if kids have fun sailing with their friends, they will come back for more! Last year 276 individual juniors, both members and non-members, participated in our various programs.

Junior Division Equipment

FBYC has invested in providing training sail boats utilized by the Junior Division. All of the boats and equipment are available for use by adult members and other Divisions when not in use by the Junior Division. The Opti is the principal junior training boat for the club. The club currently owns 20 Optis and seven Club 420s for training purposes; there are also numerous transport trailers, four RIBs, and three outboard powerboats for junior coaches. There are also larger powerboats utilized for regattas and Junior Week. The Junior Division maintains a dedicated building for storage of rigging, racing flags, and marks; maintains a rental cottage to house its coaches; and leases vehicles as needed to transport equipment and personnel to regattas.

Safety Requirements

Safety is the foremost component of a strong junior sailing program. In 2012, Junior Division volunteers authored and adopted for use a Safety Manual and Risk Management Policy. This document governs most aspects of FBYC’s junior sailing program. A copy of this document is provided to all coaches, instructors, staff, parents, and junior participants prior to involvement in the program.

2018 Junior Events

Spring, Winter and Fall Race Teams

The teams train and attend regattas through out the year under the supervision of a professional coach on a per diem basis.  

Private Sailing Lessons

The Junior Division offers private lessons taught by the Development Team coaches in club-owned Optis  and Club 420s. The lessons are tailored to meet the needs of young sailors and adults, from beginners to advanced. May through August.

Opti Kids

This weekend educational program for our youngest beginning sailors is offered on two consecutive weekends in early summer. The program is designed to introduce young children to sailing in a safe and fun environment, and to engender a love of the water and sailing. Parent participation is required. Ages 5 to 8. June 9-10 and June 16-17.

Junior Week

This week-long sailing day camp offers classes for beginners to experienced racers. Classes include Beginning Opti, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate Opti I through III, Opti Racing, Advanced Opti Racing, Beginning Laser Racing,  Advanced Laser Racing, Beginning 420 and Racing 420's, and Group Sailing in keelboats. Classes are taught by professional coaches, US Sailing instructors, and experienced volunteers. Nightly entertainment is included, and will include an ice cream social, pool party, music night and  a sail-a-thon to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as well as catered cook-out. Ages 6 to 18. June 18 through 22.

August OptiWeek

Due to high demand for OptiKids and Beginning Opti during Junior Week, we are offering a second session for beginning Opti sailors called August OptiWeek The session will run July 30-August 2, 2018, and will be for sailors aged 6-10.

The class will be taught by our professional coaching staff. Students will sail double-handed in Optis, and will learn capsize recovery, “tiller towards trouble”, the “no-go zone”, and the basics of sail trim and how to steer with a rudder, as well as finding the wind, tacking and gybing, and more advanced concepts such as sailing alone. The class may be divided on the bases of age and prior experience, so that all may learn in an appropriate and fun environment.  FBYC will provide the Optis used in this class.

Development Team

This race team is devoted to teaching novice sailors and beginning racers the fundamentals of racing, including boat speed and handling, tactics and strategy, whistle and flag starts, and mark rounding. The team is coached by college-level sailors, often graduates of our junior program, who concentrate on building confidence and taking young sailors to the next level of sailing in a safe and fun environment. The team will practice or attend regattas Thursdays through Sundays, and no sessions are mandatory. In 2018, we will support an Opti Green Fleet Team and an Opti White/Blue/Red Team as part of the program.   Additionally,  if five or more Lasers register, we will also support a Laser Team.  Regattas are centered in the Southern Bay where overnight stays are unnecessary, and will include junior regattas at Ware River Yacht Club, Rappahannock River Yacht Club, Hampton Yacht Club, and our two summer regattas: the Commonwealth of Virginia Junior Championship and the Annual One-Design. Ages 7 to 15. (The team may be subdivided based on age.) June 23 through August 12.

Opti Race Team

Advanced race team for experienced Opti racers, coached by a  world-class professional coach. Team members provide their own boat and equipment. The team will practice or attend regattas six full days a week and travel across the Chesapeake Bay concentrating on CBYRA Corum Cup high point regattas. The team may also attend large national and regional USODA events outside the Chesapeake Bay area. Significant travel is required. The coaches will concentrate on individualized instruction centered on advanced racing techniques in preparation for top-level competition. Ages 10 to 15. June 9 through August 12.

Laser Race Team

Advanced race team for experienced racers with prior racing experience, coached by a world class professional coach. Team members provide their own boats and equipment. The team will practice or attend Regattas six full days a week and travel across the Chesapeake Bay, concentrating on CBYRA Corum Cup high point regattas. The team may also attend large national and regional regattas outside the Chesapeake Bay area. Significant travel is required. Ages 12 to 18. June 9 through August 12.

420 Race Team

 In 2018, the 420 Race Team will be an advanced race team for experienced racers with prior racing experience, coached by world-class professional coaches. The team will practice or attend Regattas six full days a week and travel across the Chesapeake Bay, concentrating on CBYRA Corum Cup high point regattas. The team may also attend large national and regional regattas outside the Chesapeake Bay area.  Significant travel is required. Ages 12- 18. June 9 through August 12.

FBYC Annual Junior Regatta

This year, FBYC will once again host our Annual Junior Regatta the Saturday and Sunday following Junior Week. Teams are expected from across the region. We encourage all Junior Week sailors to attend, and we will offer a Green Fleet seminar and on-the-water coaching for novice racers (and their nervous parents!) making that first scary step into regatta racing. Additional classes will include Red, White, and Blue Opti Divisions, Lasers, and Club 420s. Open to all juniors. June 23-24. (Please visit the FBYC website, www.fbyc.net, for the NOR and on-line registration.)

Annual One-Design Regatta

FBYC Race  Teams and juniors will participate, as well as many juniors from other clubs across the Bay. We will support Opti Green, Red, White and Blue Divisions, Lasers, and Club 420s. August 11-12. (Please visit the FBYC website for the NOR and on-line registration.)

Junior Travel Regattas

Fishing Bay Yacht Club’s Junior Race Teams will travel to junior regattas at host clubs throughout the Chesapeake Bay during the summer months, concentrating on CBYRA High Points Regattas. The 420, Laser and Opti Race Teams will make extended, overnight trips, while the  Development Team will visit clubs which usually do not require overnight stays. In addition, the 420, Laser and Opti Race Teams may travel to larger national regattas.

For complete details on CBYRA High Point Junior Regattas go to: http://www.cbyrajuniorsailing.org/Race-Info/High-Point

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