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Mr. Roberts serves as our primary Race Committee boat. It is 38' long, has twin diesels, and carries as few as 3 and as many as 8-10 people needed for race committee duty for small and large events. Read about it's namesake here.

In 2014 the club purchased a 23' Parker for use as a primary weather boat and a backup signal boat when Mr. Roberts is out of service or for smaller events when the larger boat is not necessary.  The Parker is stored on the Jackson Creek side of the club.

Around 2005-2007 the club purchased the boat known as The WildCat.  Originally used as an offshore weather mark boat, it's now kept on the lift on the Fishing Bay side and used for weather and other mark duty.


Watch a 360 view of driving Mr. Roberts out of the dock and into the Jackson Creek channel here:



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