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On a breathtaking rural point of land on the lower Chesapeake Bay, our OPTI KID campers have immediate access to beautiful sailing through the protected waters and beaches for our beginners.  Today, like yester-years, our juniors find dirt roads and picnic tables, screen porches and oysters, wildlife and ample outdoor space.  And equally, they purposefully don't find resort luxuries like air-conditioning, restaurants and technology.  Instead this is where they learn about all aspects of being on the water -- sailing of course, and sometimes swimming, weather, knots, and sometimes crabbing, critter-catching, beach exploring, shells, aquatic life, and while growing in courage, friendships and laughter.  



Opti Kids is a camp for the youngest beginners age 5 to 8.  This session usually has twenty or more kids, and they get to grow in their comfort in the water and sailboats through waterfront activities including swimming with lifejackets, basic knots, games in the water like righting a capsized boat and learning adjustments of the sail while sailing around pool toys.  Having all the kids in the same camp session encourages them to go beyond what they would usually do on their own.

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This camp consists of 4 morning sessions on Saturdays and Sundays over two consecutive weekends. Children will join their friends and parents in onshore, classroom sessions followed by on-the-water training to learn basic boat handling including:

  • boat set up and launch
  • finding the wind
  • righting a capsized boat
  • steering the boat
  • sail trim
  • balance
  • avoiding the "no go zone"


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The camp also teaches on-the-water safety specific to sailing such as "tiller towards trouble", capsizing, and towing back to shore. Opti Kid sailors will be paired in Optis during the on-water instruction. Sailors who complete Opti Kids will have a general understanding of the basic principles of sailing and the basic skills required for success in the Beginning Opti class at Junior Week. Over the years, Opti Kids has been a gateway for hundreds of children to a lifetime of sailing and water enjoyment.  


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Click this link to enjoy photos from previous Opti Kids: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVZUAEo

At least one parent or guardian joins the kids and instructors in waist-deep water for the on-the-water instruction. 

The class offers adults a great opportunity to become familiar with the Optimist dinghy and to spend fun time on and in the water with their children. FBYC will provide the boats for this program. Space is limited. Early registration is encouraged to reserve a space. 

Opti Kids Schedule  
  AM Class
Two weekends, June 8-9 & 15-16 (4 days total) 9:00 - 12:00
Online Registration Opens 2/1, Member Preference Ends 3/1, Closes 6/1


For info on exact dates & the Campdoc link to register click here. Payments are refundable for the sooner of 60 days or registration has closed.

Swim Test: All sailors must pass a simple two-part swim test on the first morning of camp: swim the length of our pool (approximately 75'), for which they may wear their PFDs and then swim to our beach from the end of our pier in Fishing Bay, wearing swim shoes and a PFD.



Note on Safety: All participants during Opti Kids, including juniors and adults, must wear PFDs and water shoes while on or in the water (boating and swimming), while on the beach, and while on the piers.  No exceptions are allowed. Those who will not follow this rule will be excused from participation.

In case of inclement weather, class sessions will be held onshore.

For additional information, send an email to:  juniors@fbyc.net

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