Volunteering at Fishing Bay is a joy, not a burden.  In service to something bigger than ourselves, it connects us to others.  There are so many areas, large and small, that help keep things rolling well.  I think for many who serve, they would say it is some of their best memories at the club.


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Junior Week requires volunteers to assist with many aspects of the program. Parents, grandparents, and other family members are an integral part of junior sailing, and their efforts are needed to support and coordinate various aspects of the program. The Junior Program is an excellent opportunity for family members to spend time with their children as they progress through the most special time in their early sailing careers. It is also a great opportunity to socialize with fellow volunteers at FBYC at some of the best sailing venues on the Bay.

  • Coaching - for those that love teaching others.  Usually an all-week commitment (Mon-Fri).
  • Power Boat Operations - Adult volunteers ensure boats are launched, moored, refueled, and operational each day.
  • T-shirt Distribution - Adult volunteers ensure T-shirts are distributed to the various classes on the last day of instruction for Opti Kids, Junior Week, and Race Team.
  • Photographer - Adult volunteers take 'action shots' of students during instruction, make photos available to parents during the class session, arrange for group photo for OptiKids, Junior Week, and Race Team participants, and make group photos available to members at member expense.
  • Social - Adult volunteers coordinate and execute any social activity chosen! Acquire and coordinate distribution of daily snacks for each class.
  • Large Dinghy Launching - Adult volunteers launch One Design boats loaned to the program by members for use in the Teen Sailing Class and Race Team before classes start each day.
  • First Aid  - (must have at minimum current certified first aid training; doctors and nurses welcome!) Adult volunteers help one day of Junior Week.
  • Check-in

If interested, email juniors@fbyc.net.

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