Ditchley Cidery Cruise


Sat, Sep 28 - 29, 2024



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Ron Jenkins


Led by Ron and Ruthanna Jenkins.  More details to come and/or updates but this was the itinerary the last time we went.


Sail or drive to Ditchley Cider Works in Kilmarnock Saturday, Sept 28 to enjoy drinks, an optional main house tour , and dinner on their beautiful grounds.  

Schedule/Cost Update: (Visa/MC accepted), Details subject to change

Tour @ 5 PM (1700 ) Cost $TBD/person

Dinner: 6 PM (1800)  Cost $TBD/person includes cider/wine




Email menu choice ronj1790@gmail.com.    Please note food restrictions if any.

Those who choose to anchor out in Lawrence cove may choose to return for Sunday Morning at 1000 for Sunday Brunch.   We recommend the duck egg omelet.

Overnight Options:


Anchor out in Lawrence cove, use DCW dinghy dock, take short, 5 minute walk to the party.   

2--Book a slip at Indian Creek Yacht Club 804-435-1340. (Hosts will leave a car to make the 2.5 mile drive to/from DCW, 1571 Ditchley Rd, Kilmarnock, VA)

Note: Water transit from DCW to ICYCC is about 1 hour at 5 Knots.   ICYCC is north of Indian Creek Green #9 Daymark. 

By Car:  Plug in 1571 Ditchley Rd, Kilmarnock.   Cross Whitestone Bridge on Route 3 N, Right on Rt 200 in Kilmarnock (2nd light ), Right on Ditchley Road just past Solid Waste collection facility (If you pass Crabs & Cues, you missed it).   Look for the Black Iron Gate and the 1571 Ditchley Rd mailbox, then follow the beautiful brick driveway to the parking lot.

By Boat: Plan on dropping the hook around 1500 EST, more exact schedule as we get closer.  Things slow toward evening hours so there is more privacy and access to our awesome hosts with cooler evening breezes under the shade trees or party tents.

Dividing Creek/Ditchley is approximately 17 nm by water from Jackson Creek. The new dock is about 0.4 NM past Dividing Creek R10, near imaginary waypoint 037.74 N, 076.33W.   We plan to anchor our Dark Blue C&C 37+, flying an FBYC pennant, near the mouth of the cove leading to the dinghy dock.

It is a 5-10 minute walk from the Dinghy Dock or Beach past orchards and farm fields from the waterfront to DCW.

Opened for business in the fall of 2018, DCW is a small veteran-owned and operated maker of hard apple cider, producer of pork, beef, and poultry products, and venue for group events and experience visits.

For more info please visit:  https://www.ditchleyciderworks.com/about-us


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