Baker Bowl


Presented by Mr. Joseph B. Baker in 1951. The Board of Trustees, at the unanimous request of the Fishing Bay Penguin Fleet, to whom this trophy was initially entrusted, adopted requirements for competition and for perpetuation of the award identical to those prescribed by the deed of gift for the Henry E. Hutcheson, Jr. Memorial Trophy. In 1967, when the award class failed to have the required number of eligible yachts for two successive seasons, the award was changed by the Board to the Jet 14 Class. Windmill became the award class in 1971. Mobjack became the award class in 1975.  Flying Scot became the award class in 2010.

1951    J. Marshall Moseley
1952   J. Marshall Moseley
1953   J. Marshall Moseley
1954   Mary Reid Dunn
1955   J. Marshall Moseley
1956   Anthony Dunn
1957   Anthony Dunn
1958   John Moseley, III
1959   John Moseley, III
1960   John Moseley, III
1961   Howard M. McCue, Jr.
1964   William M. Harris
1967   W. Harry Schwarzchild, III
1968   O. Van Pelt Sessoms
1972   John Ogden, III
1973   John Ogden, III
1976   A. Owen Davidson, Jr.
1977   William B. Pierce
1978   Wesley D. Jones
1979   George A. Barrows
1980   George A. Barrows
1981   Denton C. Roberts
1982   Denton C. Roberts
1983   F. Case Whittemore
1984   F. Case Whittemore
1985   F. Case Whittemore
1986   F. Case Whittemore
1987   James T. Poindexter, III
1988   Anthony D. Sakowski
1989   James T. Poindexter, III
1990   Edgar E. Roberts
1991   Edgar E. Roberts
1992   Edgar E. Roberts
1993   F. Case Whittemore
1994   F. Case Whittemore
1995   F. Case Whittemore
1996   Thomas J. Roberts
1997   Jerry Desvernine
1998   F. Case Whittemore
1999   Rob Whittemore
2000   F. Case Whittemore
2001   Meg Roberts
2002   Meg Roberts
2003   Not Awarded
2004   Not Awarded
2005   Cheryl Desvernine
2006   Not Awarded
2007   Not Awarded
2008   Not Awarded
2009   Not Awarded
2010   John B. Wake, Jr.
2011   Len Guenther Jr.
2012   Robert P. Whittemore
2013   Robert P. Whittemore
2014   Sharon S. Wake
2015   John B. Wake, Jr.
2016   John B. Wake, Jr.
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