Blanton Bowl


Presented by Mr. R. E. B. Blanton in 1951. The Board of Trustees offered this trophy initially for annual competition in the Twenty foot and under Handicap Class, and adopted requirements for competition and perpetuation of the award identical to those prescribed in the deed of gift for the Henry E. Hutcheson, Jr. Memorial Trophy. In 1959, when the award class failed to have the required number of eligible yachts for two successive seasons, the award was changed by the Board to the Mobjack Class. In 1973, Laser became the award class. In 2023, the Trustees adopted the High Point scoring method to determine the recipient from skippers competing in FBYC events.

The Blanton Bowl shall be awarded to the ILCA skipper who is a member of Fishing Bay Yacht Club with the best score, as determined by the CBYRA High Point scoring formula, in Fishing Bay Yacht Club sponsored ILCA events open to all skippers. To be eligible, a yacht must be enrolled in the Club Register, in the current award class and must sail in at least 50% of the eligible events sponsored by Fishing Bay Yacht Club in which the class has a start, a single race having the standing of a regatta or of a Club series counts as such.


1951    William C. Coleman
1952   Herbert L. Potts
1959   Roger Moorman
1960   William B..Pierce
1961   Roger Moorman
1962   J. D. Winters & J. F. Newcomb
1963   Not Awarded
1964   William B. Pierce
1965   James W. Enochs
1967   Roger Moorman
1970   James W. Enochs
1973   Raymond J. Munsch
1974   Raymond J. Munsch
1975   Raymond J. Munsch
1976   Raymond J. Munsch
1977   Joseph L. Dennison Jr.
1978   William E. Anderson
1979   Not Awarded
1980   Joseph Gander
1981   Alain Vincey
1982   Alain Vincey
1983   Alain Vincey
1984   Alain Vincey
1985   Alain Vincey
1986   Norwood "Trip" Davis
1987   John D. Adair Jr.
1988   Bob W. Walker
1989   David R. Lee
1990   Michael Miller
1991   H. Bradshaw Squires
1992   H. Bradshaw Squires
1993   H. Bradshaw Squires
1994   H. Bradshaw Squires
1995   H. Bradshaw Squires
1996   H. Bradshaw Squires
1997   H. Bradshaw Squires
1998   David G. Porter
1999   Anthony Kupersmith
2000   H. Bradshaw Squires
2001   H. Bradshaw Squires
2002   H. Bradshaw Squires
2003   H. Bradshaw Squires
2004   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2005   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2006   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2007   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2008   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2009   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2010   Not Awarded
2011   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2012   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2013   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2014   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2015   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2016   Charles Brewer
2017   Charles Brewer
2018   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2019   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2020   Charles B. Drake III
2021   Jonathan M. Deutsch
2022   Reed McAllister
2023   Jonathan M. Deutsch


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