Henry E. Hutcheson, Jr. Memorial Trophy

Hutcheson.pngBy Declaration of Trust, dated November 7, 1947, the Club, under its original name, Urbanna Yacht Club, established the Henry E. Hutcheson, Jr. Memorial Trophy, presented by his friends.

Award of the trophy is for outstanding performance in the one-design award class for the season. The Trust gave the Club the right to change the award whenever for three successive seasons less than three yachts in the class sailed the races required for eligibility. To be eligible, a yacht must be enrolled in the Club Register, in the current award class and must sail in at least 50% of the races in (1) at least two regattas Sanctioned by CBYRA or national or class authority and (2) in at least two Club series of races; a single race having the standing of a regatta or of a Club series counts as such. Hampton One-Design was designated the award class in 1947. Jollyboat became the award class in 1959. The Optimist became the award class in 1989.

The trophy winner is the skipper with the highest standing determined by giving equal weight to Sanctioned regattas and intraclub races, as stated in the requirements and scoring formula of the Trust. The level of participation in regattas outside the Club will be a criterion in determining the trophy winner.


1948      Lloyd Emory
1949   William C. Chewning
1950   Alan Hicks
1951   George C. Roper
1952   Lloyd Emory
1955   George C. Roper, Jr.
1956   C. Perry Sinnickson
1959   Ralph Lynn
1960   "Dinky" Vail
1962   Howard McCue, III
1963   Howard McCue, III
1965   John Hawksworth
1966   Raymond J. Munsch
1967   John Hawksworth
1968   John Hawksworth
1969   John Hawksworth
1970   John Hawksworth
1971   Graham Henderson
1972   Graham Henderson
1973   Graham Henderson
1974   David L. Anderson
1975   David L. Anderson
1976   Not Awarded
1977   Not Awarded
1978   Mark Pittman
1979   Not Awarded
1980   Not Awarded
1981   Not Awarded
1982   Not Awarded
1983   Not Awarded
1984   Not Awarded
1985   Not Awarded
1986   Not Awarded
1987   Not Awarded
1988   Not Awarded
1989   Robert Whittemore
1990   Parker Garrett
1991   Ryan Jones
1992   Parker Garrett
1993   Parker Garrett
1994   Parker Garrett
1995   Blair Hamilton
1996   Blair Hamilton
1997   Jeffrey Richard
1998   Strother Scott, Jr.
1999   Ashton Hudgins
2000   Ashton Hudgins
2001   Alexander O’Toole
2002   Quentin Jenkins
2003   Quentin Jenkins
2004   Austin Powers
2005   Madeleine Alderman
2006   Alex Jacob
2007   Benjamin Buhl
2008   Alex Jacob
2009   Graeme Alderman
2010   Hannah Steadman
2011   Jed Londrey
2012   Hannah Steadman
2013   Benton Amthor
2014   Benton Amthor
2015   Benton Amthor
2016   Guthrie Braun
2017   Joshua Bendura
2018   Madeline Amthor


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