Hicks Trophy

HicksBy action of the Board of Trustees, a perpetual trophy was established in 1966 in recognition of Allan Hicks, who served the Club in many capacities. The award is made annually to the winner of the Club's one-design long distance race for yachts 20' l.w.l. and under. The winner is determined on corrected time by a handicap formula. If the trophy is not awarded for three consecutive years, the Board will decide a new basis for competition.

1966    Frank D. Hargrove
1967   John Hawksworth
1968   John Hawksworth
1969   John Hawksworth
1970   Raymond J. Munsch.
1971   Lud Kimbrough & Brent Halsey, Jr
1972   Charles B. Raynor
1973   Stuart Tyson
1974   Jim Thimsen
1975   William Anderson
1976   Rock Bell
1977   Rock Bell
1978   Rock Bell
1979   John Middleton
1980   Roland Brierre, III
1981   Owen Davidson
1982   Joseph L. Dennison, Jr.
1983   F. Case Whittemore
1984   F. Case Whittemore
1985   F. Case Whittemore
1986   John E. Corey
1987   Joseph L. Dennison, Jr.
1988   D. Cooper Rees
1989   Michael S. Toms
1990   Clark Dennison
1991   F. Case Whittemore
1992   F. Case Whittemore
1993   F. Case Whittemore
1994   F. Case Whittemore
1995   Robert Whittemore
1996   Robert C. Wardwell
1997   Robert C. Wardwell
1998   F. Case Whittemore
1999   James D. Black
2000   Perry E. Jones
2001   Robert P. Whittemore
2002   John & Sharon Wake
2003   Meg Roberts
2004   Lee M. Farinholt
2005   Meg Roberts
2006   F. Case Whittemore
2007   John B. Wake, Jr.
2008   Lee M. Farinholt
2009   William C. Spencer II
2010   Mike & Amy Miller
2011   R. Latane Montague IV
2012   Matthew J. Braun
2013   John B. Wake,Jr.
2014   John and Sharon Wake
2015   Mark Stephens
2016   Gutherie Braun
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