Nott Memorial Trophy



Presented in 1965 in memory of William Sarsfield Nott by Frank Nott and Mrs. W. S. Nott. This trophy was initially awarded to the winner of the long-distance offshore race in the Cougar Catamaran Class. In 1982, the Trustees of Fishing Bay Yacht Club changed the award to the MORC Class. In 2007, the Trustees changed the award to an active One Design Class and the Flying Scot Class was designated to compete for the trophy. In 2023, the Trustees changed the award to allow all active One Design Classes compete for the Nott Memorial Trophy on terms previously adopted when Flying Scot was designated as the Class to compete for the Trophy.

This award is made to the One Design yacht of an active FBYC fleet enrolled in the Club Yacht Register that during the regular racing season finishes the greatest fraction of FBYC sponsored One Design events in which a start for the specific One Design fleet is offered and open to all the fleet skippers, both Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned events to be counted.

If two or more yachts finish the same number of events, the one accumulating the best point score, as determined by the high point system, shall be declared the winner. In the event of a second tie, a race shall determine the winner. The Vice Commodore, if he is not a competitor, or the Commodore shall specify the conditions of this tie race.


1964    Frank D. Hargrove
1965   Frank D. Hargrove
1966   Arthur Murry, Cedarhurst YC
1967   Arthur Murry, Cedarhurst YC
1968   Richard W. Barnes
1969   Robert Hendrickson (PRSA)
1971   W. A. Frankenfield
1972   Julian Brylawski
1973   Frank D. Hargrove
1974   Ray Tyson
1975   Clarke McKinney
1976   Not Awarded
1977   Not Awarded
1978   Not Awarded
1979   Not Awarded
1980   Not Awarded
1981   Not Awarded
1982   Hooligan Syndicate
1983   John R. Hawksworth
1984   John R. Hawksworth
1985   Robert D. Kates
1986   Robert D. Kates
1987   Albert D. Seim, II
1988   David Lee/John Adair
1989   David Lee/John Adair
1990   William C. Spencer II
1991   Albert D. Seim, II
1992   Roger W. French
1993   Douglas I Magargee
1994   Blackwell Nottingham
1995   William C. Spencer II
1996   Paul Anderson
1997   Frank Glawson
1998   F. Case Whittemore
1999   Michael W. Karn
2000   R. Russell Collins
2001   R. Russell Collins
2002   A. Clark Dennison & Chris C. Clough
2003   Jason S. Angus & William H. Angus
2004   Blackwell Nottingham
2005   Mark G. Wensell
2006   Not Awarded
2007   John C. Beery
2008   Philip H. Webb
2009   John A. Hubbard
2010   John C. Beery
2011   Len Guenther Jr.
2012   Philip H. Webb
2013   Philip H. Webb
2014   Sharon S. Wake
2015   John C. Beery
2016   John B. Wake, Jr.
2017   John B. Wake, Jr
2018   John B. Wake, Jr
2019   John B. Wake, Jr
2020   Philip H. Webb
2021   Philip H. Webb
2022   Philip H. Webb
2023   Philip H. Webb
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