Wayland W. Rennie Cruising Award


Presented in 1997 by the Cruising Division as a perpetual trophy to be awarded annually to the Fishing Bay Yacht Club member for support of the Cruising Division and for cruising the Chesapeake Bay with a sense of adventure in comradeship with fellow sailors.

The perpetual trophy is a ship's wheel with the name and purpose engraved on a center plate. Each year, a small plate engraved with the annual recipient's name and the year of the award will be placed around the wheel's outer edge. The recipient will also receive an engraved pewter cup to retain permanently.

The Trophy Committee is encouraged to consult with the Cruising Division Commander and Lt. Commander in reaching its decision.

The Board of Trustees may change the provisions of the award, if at any future date it becomes expedient to do so.

1997    Wayland W. Rennie
1998   Charles R. Jones
1999   Jamie Stalnaker
2000   Victor G. DeNunzio
2001   Allen M. & Alta Bower
2002   Gordon & Sheila Nelson
2003   Samuel M. & Nancy Stoakley
2004   Fay & John Koedel, Jr.
2005   Victor G. & Jane DeNunzio
2006   Anthony D. Sakowski Jr.
2007   Henry J. & Carolyn Schott
2008   Samuel M. & Nancy Stoakley
2009   John G. Koedel Jr.
2010   John G. Koedel Jr.
2011   Henry J. & Carolyn Schott
2012   Gordon B. Jr. & Jane Cutler
2013   Samuel L. Stoakley, Jr.
2014   George and Francis Sadler
2015   William & Lydia Strickland
2016   Anthony D. Sakowski, Jr.
2017   William T. Bennet
2018   Helen & Dacre Walker
2019   George and Lyons Burke
2020   Nancy Glinn Powell
2021   Parker and Kim Garrett
2022   John Koedel III
2023   Stuart Gregory



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