Windward Start Trophy


Presented in 1985 by former Commodore Wayland W. Rennie, this trophy, a framed print of John Barber's "Windward Start," shall be awarded annually to the FBYC enrolled yacht in the PHRF Spinnaker Class with the best score in the Offshore Division Fall Series under the scoring provisions of the then current race instructions. In the event no Fall Series awards are made, the trophy shall be kept by the Commodore until the trophy can be awarded. Changes in the criteria for awarding the Windward Start Trophy shall be by the determination of the Board of Trustees of Fishing Bay Yacht Club. In 1995, the Board designated PHRF B as the class in which the trophy would be awarded.

1985    Triumph
1986   Wavelength
1987   Triumph
1988   Firebrand
1989   Albemarle Pippin
1990   Blizzard
1991   Albemarle Pippin
1992   Albemarle Pippin
1993   Stormking
1994   Triumph - A  Rappahannock - B
1995   Wavelength
1996   Wavelength
1997   Main Attraction
1998   Main Attraction
1999   Wavelength
2000   Wavelength
2001   Wavelength
2002   La Maga
2003   Night Music
2004   La Maga
2005   Shenanigan
2006   Nerid
2007   La Maga
2008   Elancer
2009   La Maga
2010   Nereid
2011   Elancer
2012   GOIN'
2013   Mad Hatter
2014   Mad Hatter
2015   Mad Hatter
2016   GOIN'
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