Young Salt Trophy


The Young Salt Trophy was presented in 1988 to Fishing Bay Yacht Club by Commodore F. Case Whittemore. This trophy is to be awarded annually to the Junior member of Fishing Bay Yacht Club sailing an Optimist who has the highest overall standing in the Fishing Bay Yacht Club Junior Regattas. The criteria used to award this trophy may be changed by majority vote of the Board of Directors of Fishing Bay Yacht Club provided that the trophy is awarded for outstanding sailing by a Junior member of the Club.

1988    Patrick Miller
1989   Parker Garrett
1990   Ryan Jones
1991   Parker Garrett
1992   Parker Garrett
1993   Parker Garrett
1994   Parker Garrett
1995   Jeffrey Richard
1996   Blair Hamilton
1997   Jeffrey Richard
1998   Frances Kupersmith
1999   Alex O'Toole
2000   Chris Fehn
2001   Lina Scott
2002   Strother Scott, Jr.
2003   Quentin Jenkins
2004   Alex Jacob
2005   Kyle Swenson
2006   Benjamin Buhl
2007   Graeme Alderman
2008   Conrad Roos
2009   Erin Jacob
2010   Erin Jacob
2011   Jed Londrey
2012   Guthrie Braun
2013   Boyd Bragg
2014   Benton Amthor
2015   Guthrie Braun
2016   Guthrie Braun
2017   Madeline Amthor
2018   Madeline Amthor
2020   Aiden Ministri
2021   Henry Latell
2022   Finn McKinster
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